Dennis Bree

Dennis Bree

Phoenix, AZ, US


An Earthly Cosmology: Thesis Project

This thesis project explored the design of
a nature center and planetarium within Rock Creek Park,
in Washington, DC. The project evolved from a desire to
re-imagine a relationship with nature in a way that allows
conversation, reflective thinking, and allows one’s sense
of wonder to enter a place which is between science and
myth. The design of the nature center and planetarium was
developed by investigating the dualities which exist within
and around the site, such as earth and air, day and night,
and winter and summer. The goal was to create a building
which is fully embedded in the site around it, to create a
unique environment for exploration and conversation, and
a place to contemplate one’s relationship with nature.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC


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