Shawn Lutz

Shawn Lutz

Houston, TX, US


Ministry of Education Primary Schools

These proposals for the design of six public Primary Schools in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago draw upon the tropical climate and building culture to provide a learning environment in which the students actively interact with the urban or rural landscape.  The schools are an exploration of a single type.  Variables of site conditions and student size act on the basic unit to provide the six designs.  The Lengua school forms the core type that adjusts for the smaller and larger programs of Manzanilla, Point Cumana, and Belmont Boys.  The Lengua project is also transformed for the Paramin and  Rose Hill schools of the same size but with difficult urban sites, allowing for entry and gathering space separate levels. 

Each school presents an intertwining of learning and sustainability as the sites form a backdrop for gathering spaces which are outdoor, covered, and within the envelope. This raised outdoor room provides a privileged and safe view of the landscape below while organizing the classroom spaces to either side. The large covered outdoor voids and bent block walls allow for cooling throughout the project The roof design provides for roof ventilation at the top and water collection at the edges.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


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