Alice Guarisco

Alice Guarisco

Brescia, IT



Dear Sir or Madam,


I am applying for a job position as an Architect. I consider myself a hard-working, highly responsible and creative person. I am always looking for new experiences and challenges. My ambition is to be part of a design team where discussions and knowledge come together to get the best final result. I believe in architecture.  I strongly believe in its power.  Through architecture, we can express ourselves, society, goals, science and traditions


My approach to architecture and design is that new comes from old and in the projects I have been involved in the reinterpretation of design has been both the most challenging and the most interesting aspect of the work.  When in Brussels participating in a workshop, our group project was to put forward a proposal for how a monastery could retain its traditional use and be opened to the public.  To achieve this the group decided it would be vital to preserve the peaceful identity of the building but to have modern facilities and to build in an historical teaching element for future generations, thereby ensuring the project had a sustainable element,.  We proposed that this could be achieved by keeping some areas closed to preserve the history and identity but to have a transitional area so people could experience a monastic way of living.  In addition the proposal included plans for an open area where the space might be used as a library or for other quiet activities.

Spending time in the USA enabled me to learn about biomimicry and parametric approaches.  These provided me with a new perspective on architecture which I was able to draw on for my final project which complemented the knowledge I had gained at the WHY Factory and I realised the potential for fusion design within my work. My final project proposed a new way of living, based on the WHY Factory approach and my classical Italian training together with elements from a biomimicry approach the proposal was for a different idea of the space we call home, built on a platform from where it emerges a skin allowing a small environment to be produced. 





I have significant experience of working with people from many different backgrounds.  Whilst undertaking my Master’s degree I attended two European workshops.  Other participants were from across Europe which meant I was exposed to very different architectural ideas and approaches. I have always achieved success when undertaking leadership roles within teams and I am aware that there will always be a need to balance the defence of I what I believe in and a compromise stance to ensure that a project is able to proceed in an effective way.





As a result of having engaged with people from Europe, China and the USA I have had excellent opportunities to develop my communication style and skills.  When working in China conducting business was very different from in Italy and I had to adapt my style to meet our client’s expectations.  Prior to my involvement in the project the client had been quite reticent.  However, once I had presented my views and explained the processes we would be using he became much more engaged with the project.



IT Skills


I am highly proficient in the use of all the main design and architecture software especially Autocad (used on Mac platform or Windows platform), SkerchUp, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop CS6 and InDesign CS6.

I currently use ArchiCAD 16 at work to model the building. Whenever I have the building modelled I switch to SketchUp 8 for details and furniture. When I make “working renders” I normally render the modell with Maxwell for Sketchup 8. The final image is normally done with 3DStudio Max and finished in Photoshop CS6. My latest projects have been modelled with SketchUp and rendered with VRay for 3DStudio.



Negotiation Skills


I have been able to develop my negotiation skills through regular discussions with clients and colleagues.  Having attended European workshops and educational establishments in the USA I am acutely aware of how negotiation and communication differ between cultures.  At the workshops I had to defend my ideas as often as I supported others compromise and work collaboratively



Problem Solving


I believe the best way to solve a problem is to analyse it. Talk about it with somebody who is not involved. This way it is easier to consider all those possibilities I cannot see just because my embracement. 

Then whenever the decision is been taken it becomes solid until new factors are involved into the process. 

Confrontation is the basic for the best product. The bright ideas never come from one single mind.



Commitment to equal opportunities


Diversity means that within society there is a range of differences between people.  These differences might be connected to gender, religious beliefs, lifestyles, age, personal preferences, politics, social economic groups and culture.


In its simplest form diversity is about accepting people and ensuring that everyone in society is offered the same opportunities for education, healthcare, political activity and welfare.  At a more complex level by exploring the differences that have always existed between people we can gain a better insight into society as a whole and ensure that every opportunity and right can be accessed by all people so there are no barriers that make people feel as though they are less valued members of society. 


Within a community or the wider society people will find that they have some things in common with others and that there will also be significant differences between people. The variations that exist mean that as a society we have to be able to accept the differences in order that there is an equality of opportunities for everyone and that nobody is disadvantaged simply because they are different from someone else.  


I hope you will consider my determination and zeal for architecture as you consider my application and give me the opportunity of joining your team. Please find my attached curriculum vitae, which provides full details of my qualification. Feel free to contact me for any following up purposes, and any additional informations you might need. I appreciate your consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from you. 




Alice Guarisco



Studio Scaglia, Brescia, IT, Architect

Architectural design office specialized in Wellness and Fitness Club design
Key learning outcomes
• Design skills learned included: technical aspects of fitness clubs, organization and design, negotiation with clients.
Project included: Virgin Clubs in Europe and in Italy
• 3D Visualization of interior spaces: Swimming Pools, Fitness Club, Restaurant, Club Entrance

Oct 2013 - current

Si.G.Ma Studio, Brescia, IT, Architect

Engeneering office
Key learning outcomes
• Project executive design using ArchiCad software to standardize the process and the documentation,
for the company Modern Living

Oct 2013 - current

Baglioni Costruzioni, Brescia, IT, Architect

A construction company also acting as general contractors
• Represented the company in a new business development project in China. Project included: A luxury residential building,
hotel rooms (junior and superior suites), an international restaurant and a family house.
• Responsible for international client liaison including proposing changes and explaining rationale for these
• Undertook on-site negotiations and conference calls with clients and project partners
• Ensured regulatory and quality assurance requirements in a project to develop mall single family houses from 100m2 to
150m2. Key quality aspects were accessibility, security and construction.

May 2012 - Oct 2013

ACM Architetti, Turin, IT, Architect/Stage

Key learning outcomes
• Managed the complexities of design in order to take accurate measurements to be used for cost analysis
• Gained in-depth understanding of public services and processes in relation to architecture and design

Oct 2008 - Mar 2009


Politecnico di Torino, Turin, IT, MArch, Architecture (Construction)

Final Grade 103/110

Practical and theoretical courses were covered with construction being the primary focus of the degree.
Key learning outcomes from final project
“The biomimicry project. The sublime idea of LA. 
A new way of living for the Hollywood Hills”
Supervisors: SCI-Arc: Ilaria Mazzoleni, Politecnico di Torino:
Pierre Alain Croset
• Design skills learned included: technical aspects of construction, the utilization and integration of new energies,
sustainability, designing residential buildings with over 20 apartments
• Additional skills: physical analysis, thermo-regulation of buildings, working within an urban context, applying theoretical
knowledge to architectural practice

As part of Master’s degree for final project
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Los Angeles, USA, September 2011 - January 2012
Key learning outcomes
• Followed lectures at one of the leading USA architecture schools
• Biomimicry approach to architecture and design
• Parametric design
• Professional English language skills developed
• Presentation skills in English enhanced

Dec 2009 - Feb 2012

Delft University of Technology, Delft, NL, The Why Factory

Design concept: Transformers architecture, with Winy Maas, TU Delft, Netherlands
Key professional learning outcomes
• Pushing design to the limit
• Balancing traditional knowledge with innovative approaches
• Adaptability of spaces, space and size considerations in relation to buildings
• White room meeting – brainstorming as part of a collaborative approach to project work.
• Presentation skills in English enhanced from presenting to Winy Maas and architectural professors

Sep 2010 - Jan 2011

Politecnico di Torino, Turin, IT, BArch, Architecture

Final Grade: 103/110

Practical and theoretical courses
Key learning outcomes from final project
Final Project
“Farm Tower, a piece of countryside in downtown”

Supervisor, Manuel Mauricio Cardenas Laverde
• Design skills learned: Social economical aspect for a sustainable urban development, High rise buildings.
• Additional skills: evaluation of different factors as part of a single project, basic construction principals.

Sep 2006 - Dec 2009

Liceo Artistico Vincenzo Foppa, Brescia, IT, High School, Fine Arts

Fine arts, Sculpting, Architecture design
Practical and theoretical courses

Sep 2001 - Jun 2006


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