Jean Galle

Jean Galle

New York, NY, US



Beauty, the quote says is in the eye of the beholder.  Making beauty for others to enjoy brings me joy!   Landscape Design is now my medium to make beauty.

The love of plants started as a childhood passion, walking the woods of Ohio searching for wildflowers with my father.   And maybe a budding landscape designer,  as I tried building streams in our  garden.  Or the time the Dayton Daily New interviewed me - age 12 - as I showed them around my parents garden, describing all the native azaleas and rhododendron.   Getting to this final career has been interesting, first as a professional ballet dance in NYC and Europe, to a fashion designer and technical fashion designer/director for the likes of Jones NY and Ann Taylor. And designing chic outwear for Galle'.   In reality, all my carers have been closely related and use the same core talents -  the use of line and form, attention to details, long hours of work to create an end result as close to perfection as possible.  And the most important of all of the talents, making something beautiful from nothing.   And the desire to share,  bring smiles and joy for others.



Articulate, imaginative and multi dimensional designer seeks a position in noted Landscape Architectural Company.  Adaptable, efficient, detail oriented individual who has transferred her award winning fashion creativity and professional skills to landscape design.  Effective communicator with clients, contractors and co-workers.  Problem solver.  Designer of high-end landscape designs: concept to completion, within budget and schedule with artistic hand and computerized renderings.

       • Sustainable Green Roofs   • Green Walls   • Terraces & Roof Tops   • Urban Pocket Gardens  
                            • Suburban Sites    • Hands on Plant knowledge   • Master Plans


Day to day responsibilities: (along with staff directions and management, e-mails, follow-ups and routine office procedures)
• Initial interviews with perspective client to asset needs and desires.  Addressed site issues, measurements and specs
• Present several concept designs for acceptance for preliminary final design.  Most times one concept was picked “as is”
• Finalize concept into CAD design drawings, calling out all hardscape items, trees, shrubs, perennials, accessories and
   noting additional work needed  i.e. drywell or retaining walls and removal.   Construction docs issued as needed
• Rendered perspectives either by hand showing several important angles or in Sketch-Up
• Priced all parts of design and worked up initial Preliminary Design / Build Agreement Contract, PM on built projects

Professional Experience

JGalle Landscape Artistry, New York, NY Design and build landscape firm    June 2013- Present
Private Clients, NYC: Planter layouts, planting design and installation for 2 rooftops and 1 terrace - different exposures i.e. different plants. Monthly maintenance for 3 rooftops, garden and 2 stoops re-instates using correct plants for the site. 
Private Residence, Bronxville, NY:  Upgrade entire property 90% filled with huge glacier-left rocks.   Create walkway with privacy hedge under neighboring overgrown Hemlocks, crave out and build terraced rock garden to highlight one special outcropping of rock.  Restructured outline of front border bed, keeping existing plantings and adding new.
•  Lloyd Neck Harbor, NY:  Bi-level patio layout for “guest cottage” accepted, Master Plan for the 4 acre property


Kokobo greenscape, New York, NY boutique design and build landscape firm     2011 - 2013
Designer and Project Manager

Solely responsible for following projects, plus at least 7 projects not listed below

•Private Residence, West 76St, NYC:  The client, an European, hotel owner, is very design oriented. My initial site visit was with her Marketing assistant. Criteria: a flower garden, lawn and dining area in small, shady brownstone garden, a difficult site. Concepts were presented and after presentation and discussions of which concept she liked, the client’s partner decided a hot tub, table for 8 and new storage shed was needed.  Discussions followed as partners disagreed and I negotiated to find solutions, sending revised layouts for them to see.  A final layout package, 3 D rendering and PDBA was presented including dining area with a “banquette” / planter, a deck for a hot tub, custom made play house/storage shed with a green roof with herbs, flower border along sunny side with a very small lawn.                                                                                                                                         2-6/2013                                                  

•Private residence, Queens, NY:  A Tudor house with a run-down small outdoor space.  A year long project, design and contract approved in a timely manner, four months for the expeditor to handle the correct permits to remove garage which had a common wall to neighbor’s garage, an asbestos inspection.  To camouflage’s neighbor’s garage, a soft beige tinted stucco was added.  My design has a small sitting area of freeform bluestone patio.  The curved planter wall softens the linear lines and negates the box feeling.  For drainage, crushed bluestone was laid between the planter wall and patio. The ODK, with granite top counter and space for bar stools, runs into the curved wall and acts as a divider for “dining” area.  An ivy covered rustic black iron pergola, with my custom designed light fixture makes an intimate dining area.  Layered evergreen plantings in tier heights soften this room on 2 sides.  To bring the brick of the home into garden, I used a line of linear bricks in-between the textured concrete flooring.   As installation progressed, clients wanted “existing porch” redesigned and installed.  Pleased with the finished product, client is rethinking about installing a living wall shown in the original design.                                                                                                 12/2011 - 12/2012            

•Green Walls, NYC:  Handled all green walls projects for the firm, knowing best plants for sites.  Choose the different type of green wall system to use per site.   NBC commissary, Lombardy Hotel, Corian showroom                                                                                                                                  2012/2013              •Rooftops NYC: 4 Co-ops, NoMad Hotel & 2 private residences: Each roof top with different exposures and needs: Issues to solve: use existing planters with new plants, reusing existing plants with new within a new design and easiest, a new design.   I was the office reference for roof tops plants                                                                                                                                                       2012/2013

Private Residence, Union Square, NYC:  3rd floor terrace Criteria: Japanese feel, dining area, play area, rainwater collection. My design has custom banquette with planters, pergola, ODK, Ipe decking with river rock inlays.  A Stewartia pseudocamellia is focal point for interior view.  Original design accepted as submitted.  On hold building repairs with scaffolding.                                               2011

•Private Residence, City Island, NY:  Criteria – a “Key West” garden for front, side and back of house incorporating a new driveway, patio, plant beds and front walk.  At original site visit, I noted plants to remain in place and be incorporated into new design.  Original layout plan loved by clients but they wanted a swimming pool to replace original reflection pool.  Researched swimming pools and building codes and designed a lap pool with bridge crossing over far end of pool to hot tub.

Design Projects by Jean Galle                                                                                                      2009 – 2011
•River View Terrace Co-op, Red Bank, NJ: Harsh environment at front entry “plaza” of co-op needing new planting design in existing hexagonal and irregular planters.   Sourced plants with client at local nurseries   PM for installation.                                                                                    4/2011
• Private Residence, Dayton, Ohio:  Client wanted a cottage garden in front of house that would be enclosed by picket fence.  Full sun site.  4 concept plans were submitted including a symmetrical knot garden and a freeform curvilinear plan.   Easy access beds and a “path” to wander and a corner to sit and drink her morning coffee.  A major issue -the septic within the garden and accessibility.  I went to Ohio to installed freeform layout to clients delight.   Planting plan submitted                       2010/ 2011
•Gowanus Canal, NYC: Teamed up with 3 architects and 1 engineer to enter the “Gowanus Lowline Competition” Concept “Urban Estuary” Pairing the functionality of a Tidal Estuary with Community Development” using rain gardens and tidal areas as bio-remediation and water management.   Best lesson – seeing how architects think                                                                                                     6/2011
•Chocolate Factory Condo, Brooklyn, NY:  Interviewed Board President learning tenants profiles and desired usage of 100’ x 140’ roof.  Criteria: Sustainable green roof to meet NYC tax abatements requirements, social areas for tenants and walkway to rooftop gym.    My design accepted and built with sweeps and mounding between sedums    visible google earth                                      9-12/2009
•Private Residence, East 81St St., NYC: Criteria – to transform bare, shady, clay soil, walled space into an evergreen oasis.  Low budget and child friendly.  An Acer japonica, the only deciduous plant, is focal point for descending interior stairs and ascending outdoor stairs.   Monthly maintenance still done on garden as it transitions from one owner to another                                                            5/2009
•Private Residence, Brooklyn, NY: Competition winner; Owners quote “Top Shelf Design”  plan approved without revisions 

C.Whitmore’s Nursery Amagansett, NY.   Nursery and Landscape Company                           2009
Nursery Sales and Customer Service
Developed repeat retail cliental by building confidence when advising about plant selections and design ideas for planter and sites within their gardens.   Organized, watered and cleaned plants.   Open and close cash register and tallied daily intake.  Entered plant orders, received plant deliveries from wholesale nurseries and placed price tags on plants

Columbia University Landscape MS notable Projects  2009 - 2010

•Times Square Re-designed, NYC: Presentation for graduation; Criteria – Re-design “Broadway” Times Square into Urban Park referencing Historical NYC as starting point.  Received “Kudos” from jury for “thinking out of the box” for my design 
•Beacon, NY:  Master Plan of 35-acre river front park was to be done as a team effect.  My team lacked unity, after much disagreements and no presentable work from them; I took on the leadership.  With the presentation at Robert AM Stern offices, Team received a crit from LS Architect  “ A very usable and workable master plan”,  sweet words after a struggle
•Beacon, NY: 8 acre detail plan as individual project.  I transformed an existing river cove into a pedestrian, eco walk and marina.  A mounded sitting /viewing area over looks a boardwalk and marina with sustainable and native plantings.   Quote from the ALSA jury member on design, “I could see this plan being made”
•Alzheimer’s Healing Garden: Criteria from class mate whom acted as client was that this 200 x 400’ school lot in Brooklyn be transformed into healing garden for Alzheimer’s hospital.   For this to be successful, I needed to design open views for staff observation, multi-sitting areas, interesting “spots” to spark lost memories, no visible fences and most of all, a peaceful atmosphere for visiting family members.  Quote received from Director of the LSD Program at Columbia  “amazed at the research done about the disease to create her design”

  Columbia University, New York, NY             Masters of Science Landscape Design 2010
                      NYBG, New York, NY                   Certificate of Horticulture   Flower Garden Design 2011

Professional Affiliations
• ASLA    • APLD    • Metro Hort    • New York Horticultural Society    • NYBG

Life before Landscape Design
  • 7th Avenue Garment District:  Fashion Designer and Technical Designer   Ann Taylor, Jones NY, Galle,
  • Director Technical Fashion Designer:  Created technical design department: NYC w/ 15 professionals
  • Professional Ballet Dancer:  NYC and Europe   
             • Wandering the woodlands of Ohio searching for wildflowers, helping my father tend his seed grown azaleas,
                Rhododendrons and visiting my Uncle Fred Galle at Calloway Gardens        ages 3 – 14


JGalle Landscape Artistry, New York, NY, US, Designer

Jul 2013 - current

kokobo greenscapes, New York, NY, US, designer - project manager

designer, project manager, client liaison

Mar 2011 - Jul 2013

Jones Apparel Group, New York, NY, US, technical designer and director

Jan 2003 - Dec 2007

Galle, New York, NY, US, Designer owner

Designed, sold and ran everyday operations of a small business making woman's designer coats and jackets. All garments were made in USA. Windows in Sak's Fifth Ave, Macy's windows, Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, ect.

Jan 1987 - Jun 2001


New York Botanical Garden, Flower Garden Design

Extensive study of plants

Jun 2009 - Jun 2011

Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, MS Landscape Design

Aug 2008 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization 


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