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Danilo Sampaio

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Graduated in late 2009 as “Architect and Urbanist” from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), which is one of the best architectural universities in Brazil. I have almost ten years of experience in the architectural area. I received a professional title called “Buildings Technician”, acquired in late 2002 when my work experience began. Since late 2011 I have been working in a Brazilian architectural studio as “Project Manager”. I came to US in April 2013 in order to act as an “International Representative” with the main objective of starting a partnership between both countries' companies. Now I'm looking for an opportunity to improve and expand my professional skills and knowledge.



The H.L. Turner Group, LLC, Concord, NH, US, Intern Architect | International Representative

I came to US in April 2013 in order to act as an “International Representative” with the main objective of starting a partnership between both countries'' companies (Brazil and USA). Also, I've learned the North American way to manage, plan, and implement architectural and infrastructural projects.
Supervisor: David Hart, AIA, NCARB

May 2013 - current

Arktos Sustainable Architecture, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Architect | Project Manager

Management, planning, and implementation of architectural and infrastructural projects, with the basic premise of sustainability in architecture and LEED certification. Member of GBC Brazil.
Supervisor: Maria José de Mello, CAU, CREA

Dec 2011 - current

Independent, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Architect, Designer, Modeler and Illustrator

Several of extra works in different segments, such as technical designs (architectural and infrastructural) and presentations, construction monitoring and assistance, and 3d modeling.

Jan 2008 - current

Projectus Consulting Ltd., Rio de Janeiro, BR, Trainee Architect and Junior Architect

Provisioning of technical, executive and consultative services in the industrial segment, acting in projects of different areas, such as architecture and infrastructure. Main client: PETROBRAS.
Location: Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil | Supervisor: Marcelo Miua, CAU
Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil | Supervisor: Claudio Amaral, CAU, CREA

Oct 2010 - Nov 2011

Gafisa S/A, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Trainee and Construction Architect

Implementation, support and management of technical projects in a construction site. Also part of job’s requirement, everything relative to construction monitoring, such as materials and people.
Location: Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil | Supervisor: Silvia Amaral, CAU
Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil | Supervisor: Amanda Cabral, CAU, CREA

Mar 2008 - Sep 2010

Raffa Architecture, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Intern

Implementation of architectural and infrastructural projects in different building segments, using software such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw and PhotoShop.
Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil | Supervisor: Rafael Tavares, CAU, CREA

Mar 2005 - Dec 2007

Gás Capital GR, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Field Draftsman

Infrastructural drawings of the natural gas system distribution in Rio de Janeiro. Company: CEG/RJ.

Jan 2004 - Dec 2004

SOSEMA, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Technical and Administrative Assistant

Preparation of plans, maps, flow charts, formatting and layout.

Jul 2003 - Dec 2003


Manhattan Institute of Management - MIM, New York, NY, US, International Business Management

The Manhattan Institute of Management is a private higher learning institution committed to offering students a high quality, global business education. MIM offers our students a real opportunity to gain insight into the meaning of business success, in New York and around the world. In the past 29 years, over 8,000 students from almost every country on earth have stepped through the gates of MIM's downtown Manhattan main campus.

Apr 2013 - Sep 2013

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BR / FAU, BArch, Architecture and Urbanism

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, is a public university in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. UFRJ is one of the Brazilian centers of excellence in teaching and research. It is the first higher education institution of Brazil and largest federal university of the country, where many of the most qualified institutions are state-owned. It is mainly located in the city of Rio de Janeiro with three campuses in town, and there are other campuses in the cities of Macaé and Duque de Caxias.

Feb 2005 - Dec 2009

Escola Técnica Estual Ferreira Viana, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Building Construction Technology

Associate's degree in Building Construction Technology

Mar 2000 - Nov 2002

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