Gregory Pavell

Gregory Pavell

Cleveland, OH, US



An architect's responsibility:

  • Simplify the design to enable quality construction.
  • Satisfy the clients' usage requirements.
  • Introduce light, natural ventilation, correct building orientation with sustainable energy.
  • Think ahead for building's need to adapt to changing functionality.
  • Initiate a POE to not only see if you "got it right" but to determine a better design process on future projects.



Art Advantage Projects, Cleveland, OH, US, Program Manager

Assisted the Founder/Director in the creation of 'original' educational Art and Architectural programs for a non-profit Art Foundation; inclusive of writing grants, photography, marketing through presentation of desktop brochure publications.
These programs were implemented and taught throughout the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, [Elementary and Middle schools], and in addition to local Charter Schools.

Jun 2006 - Aug 2009

Designer/Self, Richmond Heights, OH, US, Owner

Completed the first of three phases of a 16 mo. renovation of a 3 year - abandoned, 2,000sf, 1 story Ranch style house as passive solar, with renewable materials and sustainable site.
Design, Construction Documents and Project Managed-sub contracted with 40% of the work completed with my wife, a Fine Artist/Instructor.

Mar 2008 - Jul 2009

G M Rembowski Architect, Inc., Fairlawn, OH, US, Project Manager

Project managed a team of one architect and two draftsmen by free-hand detailing design and CD's
of hotel projects to create a "template" for the office to more efficiently organize a CADD library for future
working drawings.

Mar 2007 - Oct 2007

RWL Architects, Elyria, OH, US, Project Manager / Designer

Project managed small commercial, industrial and civic projects.

Designed a 2.5 story addition to an existing Bank on Elyria's City Green. This project was a marriage of contemporary design using smooth and peen-hammered, granite cladding to contrast with the 1928, 1 story sandstone fenestration of the original bank building. The original "Chicago" style windows were repeated at new while the travertine marble floors were continued throughout creating a more seamless design.
I was able to custom furnish the Reception Area with a Reception Counter of steel, glass and granite top with Fiber-optic lighting behind birch-plywood, perforated ceiling panels as canted sides.

A fire glass enclosed stair well adjacent to a monolithic, black granite elevator tower is in full view of the entry atrium as the 2nd floor Offices cantilever over Reception Area. Offices, Corridor end at Elevator are floor to ceiling glazed to accept natural light from atrium therefore refracting into an open-plan work area.

May 2003 - Oct 2006

SCA Designs, (formerly Sidney D. Corhern Architects), New Smyrna Beach, FL, US, Project Manager

Assisted Sid Corhern with Design and creation of CD's for luxury condominiums,
and Arts & Craftsman style homes.

These documents were produced almost exclusively by hand, presentation documents in ink as well as 30% of CD's as composite with CAD documents.
Greene & Greene designed stairs, interior and exterior structural members in their true joinery were fabricated by woodworking artisans.
As Mr. Corhern's Firm exhibited highly customed design, he and myself would hand draft these as it was more time and design efficient to safeguard the projects' integrity.
This would often lead to the exclusion of Trades having to provide "shop drawings" as detailed drawings were frequently produced in 1:1 scale.

Jan 2001 - Dec 2001


Kent State University, Kent, OH, US, Architecture and Environmental Design

I completed 3 of the 5 year program and was granted an Associates Degree
and became a Certified Architectural Draftsman for the State of Ohio.
My further studies were less curriculum disciplined and more relative to actual, hands-on work
and more closely resembling the "Guild System".
The proof of your expertise is usually based on what you do and not your pedigree, what your
colleagues and associates say about your skills. This is not a denigration of professional training
through college but throughout many decades of travel, I have seen some of the finest design
and production professionals in architecture who are non-degreed and non-registered.
What I have witnessed this past decade, is quite the opposite, more value has been placed on technology manipulation and far less on problem solving and creativity. The up-side... "there is more need for Project Management coordinating the process from CAD to reality in the Field".

Jun 1979 - Jun 1982

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US, History, pre-Law, Political Science and Psychology

College curriculum selection at this age in life was more a curiosity than an adhered direction
toward a degree. This was a time in history of civil unrest, the Vietnam war and working jobs to
fuel the cost of college courses and survival. I traveled...knocked around the country with many different
jobs while taking courses at local community colleges. The education one acquires from the "streets"
and through self-study enabled me to qualify a position in the Mental Health profession.

My continuation of finally choosing a career direction, (architecture), had more to do with the appreciation
of fine art, an interest in the industrial and construction jobs previously held and the opportunity it afforded me to go anywhere in the world an make a living.
Life's experiences, who you associate professionally and the work you perform used to have
an enormous value...unfortunately, this has been lost and not as readily respected.

Jan 1968 - Jun 1974


Lorain County Rehabilitation Award 2004, Award

This award was for the partial razing of a pre-Civil War barn, (Blackwell Barn), from Fredericksburg, Ohio and erected in Avon, Ohio while a Designer with RWL Architects, Elyria, Ohio.


AIA Award of Excellence 1993, University of Hawaii Student Services Center, 1st Place

As a member of Franklin Gray and Associates, Honolulu, Hawaii (1992); I was a draftsman on the last State project drafted by pencil. I trust that in 2018 this project will receive the State's AIA 25th Year Award For Excellence.
It is not only a very beautiful and well designed building, it is one of the finest projects I've been associated with from the wise choice of materials, to the integration of Nature into the building's dynamic paying tribute to Hawaii's beauty often grossly ignored in other regions of the Country.
Also, as a testament to Mr. Gray and his Staff's professionalism and vision of architecture as an art form;
created all documents, by hand, as if a "work of art".


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