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Ivo de Jeu

Amsterdam, NL


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I am always interested in new (freelance) opportunities and commissions in urban architecture//research//design in NL, EU and beyond. Check: or send an email to

I consider myself a researching designer and a designing researcher. Originally I am trained in the architectural design of the physical objects that shape our built environment. But rather quickly my focus shifted towards researching the systems behind the physical manifestations; analysing the processes and force fields that might eventually lead to physical objects. For me, this duality is the most fascinating aspect of current architectural practice, architecture not as an independent goal but as a means to an end to start up certain processes. It is this mentality that guided me through the years and has brought me to where I am today.

I have always looked for workplaces and projects where this duality -the proces and analysis- is an important part of the projects and assignments. For me, at 2012Architects (now called Superuse Studios) it was not only about using interesting existing waste-materials as the basis for specific designs but eventually about transforming waste streams to influence wasteful industrial processes as a whole. Or at .FABRIC (Prix de Rome 2010) where I worked on shaping new strategic spatial policy in regards to Healthy Urbanization for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and also participated in design research for the 5th IABR - Making City. At .FABRIC I experienced first hand what the results can be if you are able to connect multiple agendas at once, where seemingly conflicting interests can be forged into one greater whole and where you can maintain spatial quality and integrity as a designer by making smart alliances with multiple stakeholders.

Together with graphic designer and art-director Barbara Iwanicka I have recently been selected for the shortlist of the 12th Europan, The Adaptable City, in Assen. Our approach to go for a gradual transformation of the project area by doing simple, recognizable architectural interventions was understood and appreciated by the jury.

At this moment I am working at One Architecture on the international Rebuild by Design competition. Together with the Bjarke Ingels Group we are researching how to make New York climate proof by means of social infrastructure, community building and hedonistic sustainability to design ecological, social and economical profitable sustainable solutions for the city.

Overlooking all my projects and work experience, my personal handwriting as a designer expresses itself more in a design mentality than in the possible final outcomes. A design mentality that, in my opinion, in the current state of architecture, is becoming more and more urgent and relevant.



SeARCH, Amsterdam, NL, architect

Working on the Gershwin project, a three-dimensional pixelated scheme of two apartment buildings at the Zuidas in Amsterdam.

Sep 2014 - current

FRICTIEStudio, Amsterdam, NL, architect, owner

FRICTIEStudio was established in 2010 shortly after graduation from the highly acclaimed Studio Border Conditions at the TU Delft and has since then taken on a wide range of projects; from small potential interventions in public space to research into self-sufficient prefab housing, a possible publication on different aspects of self-built structures and different competitions and commissions. The work of FRICTIEStudio has thus far been exhibited in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, the UK and Poland, with two small ongoing projects in Poland and The Hague while the possibility of an artistic research project in São Paulo is being investigated at the moment.

Jan 2010 - current

One Architecture BV, Amsterdam, NL, freelance architect-researcher

At One Architecture in Amsterdam I'm working in close collaboration with principal Matthijs Bouw on the Rebuild By Design competition in New York. Our team is headed by the Bjarke Ingels Group and we are researching resiliency issues in relation to growth, density and (social) infrastructures. At One I am currently also working on the German 'Baukulturatlas' for 2050 in collaboration with Raumtaktik. Another project I was involved in at One was Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions - a proposal for a Center for Urban Tech Acceleration together with OMA-AMO, THNK and others.

Aug 2013 - Apr 2014

.FABRIC, Amsterdam, NL, designer-researcher

At .FABRIC I was working as a designer-researcher, working on mapping regional strategies, new spatial policy for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, design research for the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, urban planning, large-scale (social) housing proposals, a private residence and teaching the occasional workshop at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, among other things.

Aug 2011 - Feb 2013

Archi-Tectonics, New York, NY, US, intern

At Archi-Tectonics I was working on various competitions; a museum, hotel, high-rise and (social) housing next to the renovation of a townhouse and the DD-phase of a hotel. I made renderings, form and conceptual studies, physical models and technical drawings.

Sep 2007 - Feb 2008

2012Architects, Rotterdam, intern, designer/builder

At 2012Architects (currently Superuse Studios) in Rotterdam I worked on a diverse range of projects but focussed mostly on the WORM@VOC-project where WORM (the Rotterdam Institute for Avant-Gardist Recreation) found shelter in a 17th century monument in Delfshaven, Rotterdam. For this project I made all the necessary technical drawings for permits and construction, including non-standard high-end detailing and shop drawings (which was quite challenging for this Dutch national monument) At 2012Architects I've learned what the real implications are for a sustainable design attitude based on reuse and recycling and what it means to practice what you preach as an architect since we were also the construction workers of the projects ourselves using reclaimed materials wherever possible.

Jan 2004 - Sep 2006


Delft University of Technology, Delft, NL, Masters, Architecture

Having studied at the TU in Delft enabled me to experience a wide variety of approaches and opinions concerning the state of architecture today; from neo-Modernist straightforwardness to hyperrational Superdutch foamcutter architecture, Digitalism and intense Situationist experimentations.

Jan 2005 - Jan 2010

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, NL, Bachelors, Architecture

At the HvA I learned the basics of architecture and engineering including construction and energy calculations and detailing.

Jan 1999 - Jan 2003

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