Mihai Dragos Potra

Mihai Dragos Potra

Milan, IT



Why is it that we like some things more than others? Why do we feel more happy when we do some things instead of others? There are many things that can be done in this world and yet we prefer some more than others.

I always loved to draw, to paint, to create music, to come with ideas, reinterpret the world, and create a new kind of language. I was deeply influenced by the sense of beauty that I found in this world, either as a visual expression(a human face, a human body or other organisms in nature) or as a musical and conceptual sense.  I always loved and found inspiration in sciences, more specifically theoretical physics and philosophy and in the last years more attracted to the new development of technologies like AI and nanotechnology.

It was the idea of a future advanced civilization with new kind of buildings and technologies and the philosophical questions that emerges from it that attracted me the most since childhood. How are we gonna live our lives in the future, how can we determine how life should be in the future in the first place? Putting myself informed with the problems that this world faces in the present time I found that either if we want it or not, we have to go further in changing it in a better place. I just wished that our inspiration would have had came from the pure desire to create a more interesting and beautiful world and not from the need to solve the problems we are in right now. The good thing is that we have the chance to interpret architecture as an experimental path within our complex society. Maybe some new bifurcations are right now developing and new technologies will allow us to create the once was unimaginable. It's our responsibility to make the best adjustable outcome out of them.



IMPWEST, Oradea, RO, Designer

graphic design

Jun 2009 - Sep 2010

Art Highschool, Oradea, Teacher

teaching descriptive geometry and perspective to secondary school students.

Sep 2009 - Jun 2010


Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT, BArch, Science of Architecture

architecture, urban planning

Oct 2010 - Sep 2013

University of Art and Design - Cluj Napoca, Cluj Napoca, Bachelors, Design

industrial design, graphic design, interior design

Oct 2005 - Jul 2008

Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Athens, GR, BArch, Architecture, Design

architecture, interior design, industrial design

Mar 2008 - Jun 2008

Art High School, Oradea, RO, High School, architecture

Sep 2001 - Jun 2005


finalist, Other

one of the seven finalists in the L I G H T I T U D E - Lighting urban areas above the polar circle competition, by Fondation Concept Lumière Urbaine (CLU)


Areas of Specialization 


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