Jonathan Pharis

Jonathan Pharis

Atlanta, GA, US



I am a Project Coordinator working for a firm that specializes in retail and multi-family projects. This firm has offered me the chance to learn in an environment that is friendly and encouraging. It is a place where no question goes unanswered. I am allowed to offer suggestions that are then discussed openly. It is extremely gratifying to know that my voice means something, and its exciting to see my opinions being used in the process of designing and building a project.

In 2012, I attained my Bachelor of Architecture from Southern Polytechnic State University. As a student, I had the chance to explore the city of Atlanta and analyze it through a critical eye. Through my school, I was inspired and allowed to travel all over the world, seeing wonderful architecture and meeting some incredible people.

In my free time, I enjoy working on my graphic design projects, as well as performing music with other local artists.



Phillips Partnership, Atlanta, GA, US, Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator, I am given a wide variety of tasks. First and foremost is the direct involvement in drawing and setting up Predevelopment Packages, Construction Documents, Revisions and Contract Administration. On a daily basis, I am required to focus on many different projects, which means that there are different tenants and clients to talk to.

Predevelopment offers the chance to see the project come to life from the very beginning. It has afforded me the chance to site plan entire developments, referencing and interpreting Zoning and City codes in order to determine building placement, parking requirements, easements, etc... It is in this phase that I also begin a task that I helped develop at Phillips, which is the creation of a 3D model in Rhino3D that can be used to determine site lines and visibility, as well as materials and design form. This task walks a fine line between architecture and marketing, as the future of the project tends to hinge on whether or not the client approves the renderings I create.

Construction Documents has given me the opportunity to see the details and understand the techniques involved in the construction process. Working with consultants is a substantial part of the job, as we coordinate and cross-reference decisions and changes to the site and building. Through this relationship, I have learned so much about the perspectives of consultants, and what they need in order to perform their tasks correctly. This helps later on in Construction Administration when communication and proper paperwork are incredibly important in answering questions and addressing problems.

Oct 2012 - current


Kennesaw State University, Marietta, GA, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2007 - May 2012

Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau, Germany, Architecture

Summer Study Abroad Program wherein I was able to explore and understand German culture and history through the context of Architecture. Located in Dessau, the birthplace of Modern architecture, I learned something new every day as I attended classes in the building designed by Walter Gropius.

May 2011 - Jul 2011

Areas of Specialization 


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