Michael Diedricks

Michael Diedricks

Sydney, AU



Having studied a Bachelor of Architectural Computing and a Masters of Design I’ve developed a new sense towards the built environment and its augmentations. I have a holistic approach towards designing the environments we live in and hope to improve our current world by building on the works of the past while also developing the culture we surround ourselves with for the betterment of mankind.

I take inspiration from designers like LAVA who try to develop architecture in symbiosis with nature, while also looking at design problems as a multitude of problems to fix in different areas, rather than merely attacking the symptom. I believe that the world we live in can only be improved with a collaborative mind that is willing to delve into varying disciplines.

I have experience with 3D modelling & rendering, interior environments, videography and editing, graphic layouts and drawing, timber-work with furniture, and business management with my own partners in design.



College of Fine Arts, Sydney, AU, Masters, Masters of Design

We study public spaces, design history and philosophy and design communication while my elective course engages me with practical timber craft in furniture and lighting. Our studies support each other in practical and theoretical manners in order to achieve better developed project outcomes.

We look at sustainability and social responsibility and how it affects our projects and ourselves as designers. My design approaches have changed a lot since finishing my undergraduate studies in that I am now more environmentally conscious.

Jan 2012 - current

University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, AU, Bachelors, Architectural Computing

We studied graphic design in presentation, 3D modelling and rendering, parametric design and philosophy along with architectural design studios and collaborative design studios. Our studies were focused on an integrated approach of various software in order to conceptualise, design and present a project that is not only aesthetically pleasing but theoretically developed.

The conclusion of my studies saw a research project on 3D rendering as a tool for marketing a project. After researching various rendering styles and companies around the world I looked at ways to best engage a client with imagery and what artistic elements are best for an architectural concept. This was then followed by practical application on an actual project.

Jan 2009 - Nov 2011

Areas of Specialization 


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