Zaraida Martínez

Zaraida Martínez

Madrid, ES



Through my studies and experience I have grown as an architect, discovering the importance of the context analysis and that the idea is the essential axis of a project, trying to include these concepts as the basis of my work. I have learned that an architect is a team and to be part of it, to manage the autonomy but also the communication, to work under pressure and changing priorities. I stand out for my capability of analysis and spatial sensitivity, with special attention to materials and details, for manage to capture the essence and needs of each place and translate it into projects, with implication, self-criticism and a smile.



Oxylane, Madrid, ES, Architect. Country Design Manager.

As a design manager at Oxylane I am responsible of develop and monitor the upcoming spanish projects, including new construction, urban planning and reforms of existing structures. In my daily work I focus in research and propose new designs and technical solutions for our buildings, adapted to each specific context, studying the urban development, analysing different lines of work and enhancing the strengths of each location. As part of my work I regularly take part in international trainings and meetings about architecture concepts and functionalities, construction management, real estate expansion, maintenance, urban legislation and budgeting.

Feb 2013 - current

ARCHIKUBIK, Barcelona, ES, Trainee architect.

During my internship at Archikubik I worked together with the international team of architects in plans for both basic and executive projects and ideas competitions, mainly located in France, Switzerland and Spain. It was a work based on real and experimental projects, such as residential, public equipments and urban fabric, from the research phase to the constructive detail, where we paid particular attention on ecological urban planning and social components, looking for reconcile public and private space. I also collaborated making models and editing content for the office website and book.

Apr 2012 - Jul 2012

CIISA,"International Consulting and Engineering.", A Coruña, ES, Urban technician.

As a complement to my architecture studies I worked as technician at CIISA, leading company in civil engineering, where I developed analysis and surveys of traffic flow and infrastructures in order to prepare urban planning projects and environmental impact assessments requested by government institutions and national public entities.

Mar 2005 - Oct 2007


Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de La Coruña, A Coruña, ES, Masters, Architect

For my final project I decided to work beyond the building requirements and to make a research of typology for social center. I analysed real needs in the neighborhood, such social and educational interaction between the people, to finally generated a concept based on a line and a point, a pathway that goes down a valley and flows into a large space of relationship. The court of my thesis assessed not only design and concept, but also construction and structural plans and calculations that turns the whole project into the real practice. My thesis has been selected to be published on books and magazines edited by the university.

Dec 2010 - Oct 2011

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de La Coruña, A Coruña, ES, Bachelors, Architect

The Technical School of Architecture of A Coruña focuses its research and education on design, urban planning, structures and construction skills, all combined with seminars on theory of architecture, composition and restoration. I was intensely involved into the school activities by participating in workshops not only related to architecture, but also tangencial disciplines with international students, where some of my projects were selected for its public exhibition.

Oct 2002 - Dec 2010


Third prize of honor at “Coruña in photo 06”. Council of A Coruña., 3rd Place


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