Kelly Heyer

Kelly Heyer

Atlanta, GA, US


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I am a west Texas country girl who enjoys building and working with her hands. From Fort Davis, Texas, I have always strived to be an architect and enjoy collaborating with others. I come from a family of educators which has instilled the value of education and design education. With my Masters of Architecture and work experience I have developed my passion for socially responsible design. 

Personal Goals & Aspirations::

I hope to have the opportunity to...
_Use my design skills in a creative and non-traditional ways that are innovative, thoughtful, and influential in a way that makes a difference in someone's life.
_Work and collaborate with community stakeholders  to improve communities that which fosters ownership, care, and agency.
_Improve education methods through creativity and participation - I believe that creating a smarter generation will lead to a smarter/better society
_Improve the public interest design process in a way that fosters well-rounded engagement, participation and inclusiveness designs.
_Improve the SEED Evaluator/process by creating a more interactive, participatory tool that will help decision-making and ensure effectiveness.
_Implement the visualization of SEED (SEEDiagram) to help showcase and set an example for future participatory design projects to inform other communities and organizations. Creating an open source for process as apposed to open source products.
_Become a registered architect

Strengths & Areas of Growth::

Strengths = Award winning design skills; Enjoy & thrives on working with people and communities/compassionate; Data/Process Visualization skills for communication, education, and participation

Areas where I would like to grow = Gain more experience with public interest design and data visualization; Understand and gain perspective on other creative ways to use my design skills; Learn more about community dynamics and processes for creating and encouraging positive change (government & grassroots methods). Continue my IDP and seek architect licensure.



Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US, MArch, School of Architecture

Master of Architecture

Aug 2010 - current

The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, US, Bachelors, School of Architecture

Bachelors of Science in Architecture

Aug 2005 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization 

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