John Grinstead

John Grinstead

New York, NY, US



John Grinstead is a recent architecture graduate building a career focused on the socially and environmentally responsible art of building. He has interest in the micro and macro: desiring to one day start a furniture line, an adaptive reuse architecture firm, a disaster relief non-profit and hopefully design a skyscraper. He has fallen in love and set up camp in Brooklyn and cannot imagine himself anywhere else in the world.


He continues to carry on the skills developed in his undergraduate education while honing new ones: focusing on detail oriented design, a growing understanding of materiality and is piece by piece learning the art of building each day. He is eager to learn, is very teachable, and has a great design sense.



A+C NY, New York, NY, US, Junior Architect

A+C is a small architecture practice that focuses on Residential, Cultural and Commercial Projects.

Mar 2012 - current


Sep 2005 - Jun 2010

Areas of Specialization 


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