Jianxin Sun

Jianxin Sun

Los Angeles, CA, US



University of Southern California (USC), Major: Architecture, Degree: Master of Architecture                       
Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), Major: Architecture, Degree: Bachelor of Architecture                    



China Architecture Design & Research Group, Beijing, CN, Assistant Architect

Responsibilities: Drafting, Diagrams, Conceptual design, Detail design, Envelope design, 3D modeling, Construction documentation, Portfolio
Gallery of Nanking Art College
• A contemporary gallery project with a music hall, basically gives service to Nanjing Arts Institute and surrounding neighborhood.
Datong Museum
• A culture construction as the started project of developing zone in Datong drives the growing of commercial and cultural area nearby.
Pinggu Museum
• A cultural museum as a new urban landmark presents the indigenous culture and offers the basic services for residents.
The Yangtza Immigrants Memorial
• A memorial hall locates along the riverside of Yangtza River as a landmark to record the big events of the Three Gorges Project.
Erdos Museum
• A bidding project is designed for City Erdos, which is a general urban museum coming with an urban development archives.
Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County Cultural Center
• A multiple-use construction is built as a cultural center of Beichuan with museum, library and theater.
Binhai New Area Hi-tech District
• This is a mixed-use district planning and many of commercial, office and residential buildings designing project.

Aug 2009 - Dec 2009

Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, CN, Architect

Responsibilities: Drafting, Diagrams, 3D modeling, Conceptual design, Detail design, Urban planning, Landscape design, Physical model making, Documentation & Portfolio
City stadium of Erzhou in Hubei Province 2009
• A stadium project is constructed for City Erzhou under the cooperation with structural engineers.
New Countries Planning and Design Construction Project, Liaoning Province 2009
• A large countryside planning and designing project with developing policy making.
Student Apartment Design in Neimenggu Normal University 2008
• A dormitory is created for Neimenggu Normal University with student activity center and studying rooms inside.
Wanzheng Commercial Building Design at Erdos 2008
• An office tower project is designed for a private company, which locates in City Erdos.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2009

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), Beijing, CN, Architectural Intern

Responsibilities: Diagrams, 3D modeling making, Line drawing, Detail design
Artificial Bridge in Beijing Olympic Park
• A matched infrastructure is designed for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Park, which connects the Olympic Park with Naturel Park.
Beijing Olympics Center Plaza
• A bidding planning and architectural project of commercial and cultural proposes is developed for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Park.

Jan 2007 - Mar 2007


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, MArch, Architecture


• Culinary College at South Los Angeles, Los Angeles 2012
A hybrid infrastructure was built upon the existing industrial buildings and brought opportunities of development for the neighborhood.
• Aperture Adaptation, Los Angeles, Team Work 2012
A proposed shin was designed by Grasshopper and Autodesk Ecotect to improve the energy performances of an existing building.
• Exposition Park Stadium, Los Angeles 2011
A new stadium replaced the LA Memorial Coliseum in order to meet the development needs, but which had to protect the historical relics.
• Mixed-use Urban Development, Los Angeles 2011
A new infrastructure was built neat the Vermont Street with residence, community services, commercial and metro station.
• Kinetic Building Envelope, Team Work 2011
A façade physical model was built and controlled by Arduino System.
• LA Charter School, Los Angeles 2010
An elementary school was built to bridge the gap between two different demographics by architectural approach and education.
• Termite, Team Work 2010
A series of computer language was written to imitate the termite’s behavior and generated the parametric model by Processing.

Aug 2010 - May 2012

Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, CN, BArch, Architecture


• Library at BJUT, Beijing 2010
A new college library was built upon the existing library which could cater to the overall development of BJUT.
• Conceptual Tower, Beijing 2010
A conceptual design was built to find out a new structural system which could resist the earthquake and wind load effectively.
• Beijing Hutong Museum, Beijing 2009
A local architectural language was found to get the regional architecture and respect the local culture and history.
• Qianmen Street Planning and Redesign Program, Beijing, Team Work 2009
A historic district was redesigned and planned to protect the historical relics and adapted to the urban development.
• Jianguo Hotel, Beijing 2009
A commercial hotel was built with community services in a high density residential area with lots of traffic.
• Domestic Architectural Program, Beijing 2008
A high density mansion was designed with different types of residence programs, which the site was in the old town.
• X Villa, Beijing 2008
A villa project, which aimed to express the emotional space, was designed base on the structuralism theories.
• Sustainable Urban Development, Erdos, China 2008
This project was tired to find out a way to develop an urban infrastructure without sacrificing the nature environment.
• Yiqu Landscape Garden, Suzhou, China 2008
This project is a traditional Chinese landscape garden design.
• Residence Interior Design, Beijing 2007
This is a real project that I designed the interior decoration of my own apartment.
• Summer Village, Qinghuangdao, China 2007
A project was built in a small island with guest rooms, recreation and business programming, also concluded the landscape plan.
• Kindergarten Program, Beijing 2007
A project was serviced for a large density neighborhood with day care and full-time boarding programs.

Aug 2005 - Jul 2010


2008-2009 Academic Year Scholarship at Beijing University of Technology, Scholarship


2007-2008 Academic Year Scholarship at Beijing University of Technology, Scholarship


Architectual and Urban Designing Competition at Beijing University of Technology, 2nd Place


8th Design Competition at BJUT, 2nd Place


2006-2007 Academic Year Scholarship at Beijing University of Technology, Scholarship


Xinghuo Scholarship of at Beijing University of Technology, Scholarship


Beijing Yanqihu Industrial Park Competition, Award


Areas of Specialization 

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