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My work as an architect is interested in a solid, comfortable, rich architecture spatially and efficient. I try to achieve the highest standards of quality with the minimum possible resources.

Good architecture, for me, is achieved through quality space, formal and constructive. It's making spaces easily livable, durable and beautiful.

Thus, importance is attached to the essentials. As the master Mies said "Less is more".



Urbanistic Society of Rota, S.A., Rota, ES (Cádiz), Architect

I provided technical assistance for the preparation or reports, and participated in the completion of many projects and public building works. The most prominent:

- Municipal Social Center .....................................$ 1.500.000
- Rota Cultural Center "The Mill"...........................$ 2.650.000


- Project architect
- Project manager
- Safety & Health Coordinator
- Technical report writing
- Technical assistance for the planning department

Jul 2007 - Aug 2011

Freelancer, Seville, ES, Technical Architect

As a project manager and Safety & Health coordinator, I supervised the building of 15 single family home projects, in collaboration with several architect studios. All work was completed to the highest quality standards without an incident. I also drafted technical reports and participated in the completion of other projects.


- Project architect assistant
- Project manager
- Safety & Health Coordinator
- Development of commercial opening projects
- Technical Report Writing

Sep 2001 - Jun 2003

Sixto Constructions, S.A., Rota, ES, Site manager

I took over the Costaballena Club House project at the Golf Course. It was a project of great technical complexity, with high quality construction. At the completion of the job, I was verbally recognized by the director of the golf course.


- Cost and time control
- Quality control
- Worksite organization
- Contract management
- Safety & Health equipment monitoring

Jun 2000 - Mar 2001

Zenit constructions, S.L., Jerez de la Frontera, ES, Site manager

I completed the project that had begun three months earlier. The previous site manager was replaced due to being inefficient. I had to study the project and organize the work in phases, to optimize performance. I completed the project two months ahead of scheduled time.


- Cost and time control
- Quality control
- Worksite organization
- Contract management
- Safety & Health equipment monitoring

Jan 2000 - Jun 2000

Newimar constructions, S.A., Rota, ES, Technical architect

As a team member, I worked for one of the main contractors of the Rota Naval Base. I provided technical assistance for submission of bids. Five out of six contracts went trough.


- Economic studies
- Preparation of bids and measurements

Aug 1999 - Oct 1999


Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla (ETSAS), Seville, ES, MArch, Edification


The career of architect currently has a major burden of expertise, provided by different areas within the program of studies as the structures of the building, technical construction, refurbishment of buildings and services, as well as the integration of comprehensive urban planning concepts and, from a more humanistic vision, education in history of architecture and art.

The degree of architecture is one of most complete undergraduate degrees, by the theoretical-practical and técnico-artístico content that develops, although this may lead to be considered the most demanding.

Once the stage of student, the architect has the option of continuing with their postgraduate training that allows you to delve into certain specialties that allow an advance their knowledge in different areas of the profession: construction, planning, rehabilitation, landscaping, etc.

The architect is a professional who needs to be in a process of continuous learning. The same professional activity exposes him knowledge and expert analysis of the rules and regulations, to technological developments (new constructive systems, implementation of materials, etc.) to the changes experienced in the society, the cultural evolutionary processes and determine or modify the natural environments.


The architect has exit career options within the task of conceiving the design, plan and undertake the construction of a project management. You can participate in all phases involved in its preparation, drafting and promotion, bearing capacity for the coordination of all the details, from the initial phase of the project to supervision in the implementation of the same.

The qualifications offered in the High technical school of architecture is enabling for the exercise of the profession of architect. This profession is regulated by laws such as the building planning law and regulations laying down its powers even in the field of urban planning.

Most common is the architect that ends his career to engage in tasks associated with its formation, in the realization of Basic projects, implementation and direction of works. These projects can be new or it may intervene in projects of conservation, rehabilitation or restoration of old, historical buildings and/or certain cultural and heritage value. It should be noted in this section interior design projects, covering a wide range of possibilities in the rehabilitation and restoration of interior spaces.

You can also focus on other tasks that have to do with the building sector such as the drafting of expert reports, appraisals, measurements and ratings.

Within the field of urban and regional planning can also participate in the drafting of planning, urbanization, studies of environmental impact and landscaping projects; in the drafting of plans, studies, fillings... etc.

Statistical studies confirm that 78% of architects who complete his college career wish to exercise as liberal professionals, independent or associated with other colleagues. Even, that you try to integrate multidisciplinary groups to create societies from the business point of view. If not, seek to integrate groups of professionals in the private sector that are already consolidated as design, consultancy or management offices.

The professional pursuing his activity in a liberal manner should be colegiar in some official College of architects, which functions as regulator of fees, administrative and legal tasks, supporting the activity of the professional group.

Professional development can also be found in the public sector which is accessed, by opposition, labour or administrative contract, and can make the exercise of the profession within the State, regional or local administrations. There is a possibility, moreover, through competition established a link between these administrations and professional or entrepreneur through service and technical assistance contracts.

Architects can exercise teaching in academia, in public or private, academia within universities and above all offer the degree of architecture, but also can exercise teaching in teaching media in subjects such as technology, plastic education, design aided by computer... etc.

Sep 2002 - Jan 2007

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla (ETSAS), Sevilla, ES, BArch, Edification

Technical architecture is a qualification of single cycle, with a duration of 3 years, where he studied everything related to complete any type of building construction process. You should not be confused with architecture (a discipline more artistic, dedicated to the design and the projection of the building) skills and the origin of the two are different, but today is absolutely necessary its joint action in the building. But both titles are intended for various fields that are not shared. Require capabilities in physical and mathematical sciences; in drawing; capacity of abstraction; be orderly and rigorous; and capacity of effort.

Training as a technical architect acquired all the necessary knowledge to carry out the execution of a work: facilities, structures, construction systems, economy, legislation, direction of work, quality, safety, organization, materials, drawing, etc. Such training is eminently technical.

Sep 1995 - Jul 2000



As a member of a three person team, I provided the data history and technical support for the documentary "The house that goes through: urban microcosmos". Presented in collaboration with artist Javier Sánchez Navas and audiovisual technician Manuel Ruiz-Mateos Caballero. We brought up the cultural value of Rota's traditional housing style. This acomplishment was awarded/founded by the County Council of Cadiz and The Government of Andalusia.

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I worked the coordination between the University of Seville and the Council of Rota for the study of the city and its development. Three years of work and the efforts of 500 students and 12 teachers was summarized in this publication. The council awarded this work. "Rota and its Litoral. Projects in the town, the port, the orchad and the coast” was published by the Council of Rota in June 2007.

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