Revati Narayan

Revati Narayan

New York, NY, US



A self motivated, diligent and innovative architecture professional, I enjoy evaluating design solutions and new technologies. Being an avid traveller with an ardent desire to learn about different cultures and art in its various forms has helped me think beyond the normal. With the skills I gained during my academic and professional experience, coupled with an enthusiastic and goal-oriented mind set, I wish to continue to apply my interests and highly targeted background to the field of architecture and design.

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reddymade design llc, New York, NY, US, Intern Architect

Aug 2012 - current

Louise Braverman Architect, New York, NY, US, volunteer

Currently working as part of the fabrication team for the upcoming Venice Biennale,2012.
I, as part of a team of 4 other architects are working on the 3d modeling and fabrication of the
three dimensional exhibit.

Jun 2012 - current

Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore, India, Intern

- Hands on experience in the design process and realisation of projects ranging from residences to institutions

- Worked extensively on the production of working drawings, details for the residential projects, interior renderings.

- Field/site visits are an integral part of the design process. I got the opportunity to join the architects in visiting the sites for measurement and documentation, post completion surveys etc.

1. Residence 1 - worked on interior drawings and renderings
2. Residence 2 - worked on detail working drawings, electrical layouts, interior renders
3. Shiva Reddy Apartments - re-worked on the master plan and floor plans to be sent for approval.
4. National Public School - Assisted in the renovation and extension of an existing school.
- worked on detail drawings.
5. Bangalore Club Competition - worked on the final stages of the design production.

Jul 2009 - Nov 2009


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, Masters of Science in Architecture and Urban Design

SUMMER STUDIO(core) --- May-August 2011
THE FIVE BOROUGH STUDIO | transformative urban systems

site -- Rockaway, Queens
project title -- Redesigning Rockaway - a blue[r] system
project description -- To address the rising climatic issues [surge,storm water,sea level rise] that affect
New York City, the team proposes to reshape the geography of Rockaway,
re-design its waterways, and re-imagine it's natural environment. In doing so,
we DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT the communities to their immediate
surroundings by means of a blue[r] system.
Combining these systems, will create a new series of water-based
interventions that will serve as a catalyst for the regeneration of Rockaway's
new identity.

FALL STUDIO (core) - September - decemeber 2011

site -- East New York and Hempstead, Nassau County
project title -- retrofitting potential
project description -- Retrofitting potential seeks to address community needs by repositioning both
East New York and Hempstead, Nassau County as nodes within a new
rail-based distribution system that leverages each site's competitive advantage.

"How can disinvestment catalyze development through a retrofit of existing
components? "

SPRING STUDIO(core) - January - May 2012

site -- Itaquera, Sao Paulo, Brazil
project title -- Common Ground
project description -- To achieve sustainable urban development in Itaquera, the city must develop an
open space network that spatially integrates economic, cultural and ecological
To be successful, the institutional and technical hub proposal of Itaquera
requires urban intensification. This entails increasing the density of the site by
utilizing the existing programmatic anchors and adjacent neighborhood urban
fabric to create COMMON GROUND - a new armature that provides for housing
and mixed-use buildings within the site.
COMMON GROUND is conceived as a dynamic infrastructure that can change
over time based on organic public uses and private incremental growth of
programs surrounding it. In public/private partnership fashion, the sale of extra
private development spurs additional and new public space growth.

Jun 2011 - May 2012

MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai, IN, BArch, Bachelors of Architecture

THESIS PROJECT --- December 2010 - May 2011

LIGHT is more than just a mere FUNCTIONAL TOOL. It is a language by itself. It has the power to form a SPACE, to ALTER PERCEPTIONS , to create an EXPERIENCE.

Natural light should be celebrated in Architecture. It provides for a better understanding and perception of the space. Such principles of light are best translated into buildings such as museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, performing spaces, retail spaces etc. where there is a subject to be studied, and the viewer is able to connect with the subject.
The design will
- Celebrate lighting in architecture
- Act as an urban hub for cultural activities, that could be used by the people within the site and the general public.
- Act as an awareness and knowledge centre of art and its forms.

-- University Rank #4
-- Volunteered for "Public Life Public Space" Workshop ( Gehl Architects and Chennai CitiConnect collaboration)
-- Participated in the SAARC NASA competition(National Association of Students of Architecture)

Aug 2006 - May 2011

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