Andrei Nemes

Andrei Nemes

Portland, OR, US



I am skilled in the filed of imagination. I can visualize in full color and dimensionality, concepts, ideas and stuff that doesn't exist yet. I can also draw really well and use a computer with ease.

I  have great communication and leadership skills and come from a  truly diverse background. I am a global citizen, having grown up in three different countries located thousands of miles apart on different continents.

I can install a satellite dish and make a mean spaghetti dish as well. I have the ability to fix or replace a car engine and build a computer from scratch. I can also speak multiple languages. I am proficient in Photoshop, Sketchup, Rhyno, 2020Cabinet Design Software, Autocad, Revit, ad many others.

What else is there, I can read and listen and talk at the same time, much like Napoleon, and like Einstein I believe that all people are geniuses, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a ladder it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid... Other than that I am your standard earth male.



Medtech Inc, Vancouver, WA, US, Biomedical Technician

Coordinated daily operations and scheduling
Technical Services, OR and ICU equipment
Installation and service of Medical, HD infrastructure
Design and implementation of ergonomic solutions for the Health care Industry

Jan 2007 - Nov 2008

Modern Marvels, Atlanta, GA, US, Lead Designer

Creative content creation, concept development
Designed custom cabinetry and furniture
Marketing, advertising and sales management

May 2005 - Jan 2007

GTS Group, Atlanta, GA, US, Project Manager

Scheduling, quality control and training
Company representative
Production line, implementation and optimization
Residential and commercial projects

Nov 2003 - Jan 2005


Portland State University, Portland, OR, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Architecture and sustainable urban planning and development. Hands on program with focus on green technology and methods of sustainable building practices. Hands on experience with several design built projects.

Dec 2008 - Dec 2011

North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA, US, Network Engineering

CISCO Networking Academy program with a focus on network protocols, architecture and implementation. Advanced computer networking infrastructure and design.

Jan 2004 - Dec 2006

Areas of Specialization 

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