Khalid Brown

Khalid Brown

San Diego, CA, US



I am a passionate designer, inventor, humanitarian, who loves to engage in all aspects of architecture and construction. I would like to achieve more experience in the fields of architecture and construction through the fostering of knowledge that can be gained by working closely with individuals in these various fields. I enjoy working with teams with the goal of contributing to the success of the project. I flourish in environments that are full of positive and creative energy which motivates not only the clients but the employees.


Nordstrom Inc., San Diego, CA, US, Men's Suits / Clothing

+ Providing clients with professional attire for business events and/or casual clothing.
+ Assisting clients with proper grooming techniques for everyday use.
+ Average sales of $1,500 -$2,000 a day for an average weekly total sales of $14,000- $23,000.
+ Average SPH (Sales per Hours) between $170 - $205.
+ Increase of sales productivity by 60% within first month of start date.
+ Establishing increased company revenue through cross selling within other departments.
+ Keeping great rapport with clients by setup appointment through the use of Personal Book.
+ Expressing team leadership with fellow employees by teaching employees from various departments
about men's furnishing product knowledge.

Nov 2012 - current

NewSchool of Architecture + Design, San Diego, CA, US, Instructor

Course: CM 353 Construction Safety & OSHA Standards

Duties: Teaching the fundamentals of construction safety with integration of OSHA Standards and guidelines with reference to the fields of engineering and construction.

Apr 2012 - Jun 2012

Brown Control, Inc., Signal Hill, CA, US, Project Engineer/Electrical Assistant

+ Plan, schedule, scope and coordinating activities in project
+ Meeting OSHA guidelines .
+ Running diagnostics on electrical system and malfunctioning
+ Assembling wires and connecting to circuit breakers.
+ Developing block and cycle time analysis .

Jun 2004 - Jan 2012

Tuskegee University Media Center, Tuskegee, AL, US, Graphics Design Assistant

+ Designing graphic layouts of posters, cards, invitations, and logos for university events.
+ Photographing special events for university year book and college brochures.
+ Reproduction of past photos through the use of Adobe Photoshop.
+ Reorganization of the media center.
+ Lamination of digital and graphic art.

Aug 2004 - Jun 2010

Catledge Contractors, Montgomery, AL, US, Project Engineer/ Construction Assistant

+ Review and approval of client RFI (Request for Information).
+ Ensuring that the job-site was in compliance with the appropriate safety standards.
+ Communicate all information from project manager to other employees.
+ Installation of LEED materials and appliances.
+ Ensure that all projects are completed on time.
+ Analyzing/checking construction documents.

Mar 2008 - Aug 2008

Design Concepts, Chino, CA, US, Architectural Draftsman

+ Drafting California homes ranging from 2,000- 5,000 sf.
+ Developing floor plans, sections and elevations for commercial buildings (churches and recreation
facilities), ranging from 10,000- 15,000 sf.
+ Correcting construction documents.
+ Drafting additions to an existing blueprint.

May 2007 - Jul 2007


NewSchool of Architecture + Design, San Diego, CA, US, MArch, Masters of Architecture ll

The Master of Architecture II degree at NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NSAD) embodies that principle by expanding your expertise in the context, theory, and history of structural development. Intended for students seeking career advancement, the Master of Architecture II degree provides credentials for teaching along with many other professions related to this timeless art form.

Oct 2010 - Jun 2011

Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL, US, BArch, Architecture

The program of study in architecture is structured as a two plus three year curriculum. The professional degree, Bachelor of Architecture, is conferred of upon the completion of the total five years of study. The first two years, referred as the Pre-Architecture program, provide students with the proper foundation in liberal arts courses such as composition, mathematics, physics, world history and humanities. Students also take introductory courses in architectural design, graphics, architectural history and building systems during the freshman and sophomore years. Before a sophomore can advance to the third year of the curriculum, the student must apply for admission into the three-year Professional Program.

Aug 2004 - May 2010


Deans List (Newschool of Architecture & Design), Other

Deans List (Newschool of Architecture & Design) award to students with a G.P.A of 3.6 or higher.


2011 Development of Safety Initiative Program Award (Brown Control Inc.), Other

Development and implementation of safety on the job-site. This award acknowledges associates who practice safe work habits on and off the job-site.


Architecture Department Accreditation, Nomination

2007 4th year undergrad studio project used for Architecture Department Accreditation (Tuskegee University)


Mr. Tau Sigma Delta, Nomination

2007 Mr. Tau Sigma Delta (Qualifications 2.8-4.0 G.P.A, Majority vote from members of TSD, and nominee must express leadership qualities.)


Architecture Department Accreditation, Nomination

2006 Studio project & portfolio design used for Architecture Department Accreditation (Tuskegee University)


Masters Award in Chess Tournament, Award

Masters Award in Chess Tournament (In 2002, I was awarded masters in a chess tournament of 500 participants.)


Areas of Specialization