Elisapeta Heta

Elisapeta Heta

Bakersfield, CA, US



Elisapeta graduated from The University of Auckland, NZ in 2011 after completing both a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) and a Masters of Architecture (prof.) (Hons). Passionate about the arts, architecture and research she has constantly sought to expand her skill base seeing her year, post university, filled with Architecture lectures, tours, amateur photography, participation in a group exhibition with both artists and architects dealing with 'Rapid Change' in cities (, new courses on SEO and google analytics management and working for both architects and builders alike. All the while continuing singing and performing with her Kapa Haka group (Maori performing arts) and willing to keep in contact with past students she has mentored through University.

Determined to make the most out of youth and to continue learning and experiencing the world she has since left New Zealand on a J-1 visa to live and work in the USA for 2012. 

Elisapeta is an enthusiastic and intelligent individual who strives for the best within herself and any collaborative setting in which she is found. She is boundlessly passionate and a fast learner with an aptitude for being hands on and committed, ready to work hard whilst sharing a laugh along the way.



Allan Taylor Architects ltd, Auckland, NZ, Graduate Architect

This was a casual position in which I helped with the design development of three townhouses in St Johns, Auckland, New Zealand. These townhouses were being purposed by a property developer and involved maximizing as much space as possible into a site that currently housed one single story dwelling. The 3D models and drawings where created using ArchiCAD14.

Dec 2011 - Dec 2011

Haven Building Concepts ltd, Auckland, NZ, Administration, Marketing and Website Clerk.

In this small construction company I was in charge of:
- Launching and constantly updating the company website with the aid of the business coach.
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website and our Google Adwords
- Monitoring and creating reports on the Analytics of the website
- In using the existing logo, I created the company's advertisements, flyers, posters, site signage, letter heads, business cards, 50+ page Information Pack for perspective clients, Sales Presentation and Guides for perspective clients
- Worked closely with the Director and Business coach to begin to develop a system of operations for the business and for staff and sales
- General administrative duties

Jul 2011 - Dec 2011

JASMAX Architects, Auckland, NZ, Graduate Architect

This was a casual position where I worked on the Mercy Escot Hospital, in the design phase, helping develop design ideas through making accurate models for the director and eventually to be passed onto the clients.

Jul 2011 - Jul 2011

Forensic Fire, Auckland, NZ, Graduate Architect

This was a sub-contracting position in which I worked independently to accurately measure up and re-create a building that had recently burnt and was approx. 75% destroyed. I used what measurements I could obtain from what existed of the structure as well as council documents and google earth to create - as accurate as possible - renders of where the fire begin to be used in court hearings for insurance purposes.

Mar 2011 - Mar 2011

DesignTribe Architects, Auckland, NZ, Graduate Architect

As a Graduate Architect I worked with one of the directors of DesignTribe, Maurits Kelderman on three main projects.

- Small residential, new build in Mangawhai Beach, New Zealand.
For this job I created drawings to obtain Building Consent from the Whangarei District Council.

- Residential Renovation in a Bungalow, Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.
I helped to finish the Building Consent Drawings for this renovation to a historic bungalow in Mt Albert for the Auckland City Council. I also had to liase with the engineer to double check some structural drawings for steel beam details as well as consulting with the Auckland city council on details needed for the consent drawings.

- A Large Scale Marae Design (Building of great significance within the Maori community both spiritually and socially) in Takapau, Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Development of the Design of the Marae concept in VectorWorks. I produced drawings/diagrams necessary for Resource Consent drawings to accompany an Assessment of Environmental Effects report. I created both of these for the Central Hawkes Bay council to determine whether or not permission would be given to create a building of this size on land zoned for farming.

- I also briefly helped out with the 3D modeling of an existing Marae in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Jul 2010 - Mar 2011


The University of Auckland, Auckland, MArch, Architecture

Elisapeta acquired both her undergraduate degree - Bachelor of Architectural Studies - and her postgraduate degree - Master of Architecture (prof.) (Hons) - at The University of Auckland, NZ

Jan 2006 - Dec 2010


The University of Auckland Blue Award for Contribution to Arts and Culture, Award

"A University of Auckland Blue is the highest Cultural or Sporting accolade that can be attained at University level. The Blues are part of a tradition dating back to 1922 in New Zealand and earlier in England, where the colours of Oxford and Cambridge Universities came to symbolise excellence in sport.

Today it is a most prestigious award recognising both sporting and cultural achievement at the highest Regional, National and International level.

The first Arts and Cultural Blue in Auckland was awarded in 1995. Previous Arts and Cultural Blues Chairs have included Don Smith and Le Ngo. Paul Minifie, Director, Maidment Theatre is the current Chair. The Blues Dinner is a popular annual event attended by past Blues recipients, newly chosen recipients, their families, leading members of the University, community and media."


Merit in the Auckland Architecture Association (AAA) Cavalier Bremworth Awards, Award


WD Wilson Award, 1st Place

Awarded for Contribution to The Architecture and Planning Department


Tuakana Summer Scholarship, Scholarship

This award was a one off scholarship awarded by the Tuakana program (a mentoring program for Maori and Pacific Island students) at the University of Auckland. This scholarship involved researching, developing and writing up workshops to run with the students through the following year to engage and strengthen their skills within the architecture and planning department.


WD Wilson Award, 1st Place

Awarded for Contribution to The Architecture and Planning Department


Trust Scholarship, Scholarship

This is a Scholarship awarded to the students who contribute the most to high school during their final 7th form year.


The Chancellors Award for Top Maori and Pacific Island Scholars, Scholarship

This scholarship was awarded to Elisapeta by the University of Auckland paying for all tuition fees for the duration of her studies. It was awarded based on grades at high school as well as the contribution made to the school and the wider community through the mentoring programmes and extra curricular activities undertaken.


Areas of Specialization 


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