Shana Sandberg

Shana Sandberg

Brooklyn, NY, US


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  • filing, permiting, expediting
  • architectural design and consultation
  • construction/project management and consultation
  • furniture design and fabrication


My background is quite unique, having decisively gone from Anthropology (undergraduate studies) to Photography to Carpentry to Architecture (MArch Parsons ‘07) to Design-Build (design/contracting services combined). This has been a thoughtful path that has been driven by a desire to understand the push and pull between designing and producing, inclusive of collaboration + cooperation, timelines and budget. My anthropological background set an early stage to guide me to design and production: the interaction between the individual or groups and a space or object has been consistently what influences my approach to design.

I set out a succinct and purposeful goal: to be able to design projects and take them through construction- meaning be the designer or part of the design team, and oversee the construction and every detail in between, whatever is necessary to get a project done .The result is that I can competently manage and sign on subcontractors, and handle everything form the purchasing of materials to the budget and scheduling to the daily overseeing of the construction-- with the purpose being to streamline the process, design in an informed manner, and readily adapt as issues arise.

My philosophy had been that in knowing how all the trades operate, I can play a bigger role and take greater responsibilities. This also leaves me comfortable taking smaller roles, as designer, or project manager, or construction manager, and in combinations of the formerly mentioned. My greatest strength has been able to continually focus on the details while zooming out to see the bigger picture. I do love the details, and have reveled in designing in a way where the details show the level of care and innovation.

Now that I have a better understanding of the pieces of the puzzle and how to bring them together, my goals extend within architecture and beyond. I am confident with design and production, finding that acting as a producer is something i excel at. I love the puzzle that design and fabrication offer - with the rules, parameters and constraints as fuel.

The interaction between individuals/cultures and space/objects has been what drives my focus. This has been architectural spaces, furniture, exhibition design and even web and graphic design. The commonality between all is the aforementioned interaction and the know how to design and put the pieces together to get a final product.


Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY, US, MArch, MArch

I was a scholarship student throughout the program, which I joined in large part due to the amazing faculty, which included David Lewis of LTL (director of the program), SHoP architects, Eric Bunge, Rogers Marvel and many others.

My focus throughout the program was on interior architecture, specifically design/build projects. I also developed a passion for designing and building furniture.

While there, I alongside 10 other students designed and physically built a multi-award winning post Katrina relief project in Mississippi-- a great experience.

Sep 2004 - May 2007

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