Romita Shrestha (Joshi)

Romita Shrestha (Joshi)

Wyndham vale VIC



Since the day I knew how to hold a pencil I have been in love  with art. Besides, I have been curious about human behave and its surrounding environment. I quenched my thirst of this curiosity after I choose to see the world though the field of architecture. I feel lifted and free.I could also see those curious moments and thoughts I had was slowly unfolding in my eye. As architecture not only taught me to be creative and skilled with techniques and technologies but also helped me to analyze the issue of the problems and solve them with care and patience. It inspires me to be happy.

I take each project as a new challenge to give problem solving results like playing a jigsaw puzzle in a creative way. But my priorities during my design phase is to provide a better and healthier space for people whom I design for, even if it is for a short period of time.I take work as my responsibility not my duty. My design are more contextual with moderns style unless there is a different requirements.

I interpret Architecture as a reflection of its place, its surrounding context, and culture. To solve the spatial and functionality and how the world perceives it is complex artistry.

I have more than three years of experience in this field. My core interest is residence and hospitality design but I am open to any kind of projects that captivates my mind.


kai Weise, Kathmandu, NP, Architect

- Attend meeting with clients.
- Schematic design.
- Design Development
- Millwork and construction drawing sheet preparation.

Aug 2014 - Feb 2015

Barrett L. Williamson Architects, Norman, OK, Intern Architect

- Red line editing.
- Prepared Millwork drawing sheets.
- Visit sites for existing building measurement.
- Hands sketch 3d view.
- Photoshop rendering.
- 3d modeling.

Jun 2010 - Jan 2011

Andrews University, Berrien Spreing, MICHIGAN, Graduate Assistant

- Schematic design
- Millwork and construction drawing sheet preparation
- 3d modeling and rendering

Jan 2008 - Aug 2008

IDI Pvt. Ltd ( Information Dissemination Initiatives), Kathmandu, Nepal, Associate Architect

- Attend meeting with clients.
- Schematic design.
- Millwork and construction drawing sheet preparation.
- Interior design of kitchen
- Memento design for International Conference.

Sep 2005 - Dec 2007


The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, US, MArch, Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture is a type of architecture that orients to an environmental perspectives like towards enhancing the beauty, longevity, and utility of architecture. It is about doing the best possible and appropriate technology that yields an environmentally sensitive building to contribute a global health, wealth, and viability.

Technical issues includes embodied energy, recycling, renewable energy, heat recovery strategies, waste utilization, energy conservation, commissioning etc.

Starting with an understanding of the existing surrounding condition in terms of the environment, social and political realities, and historical precedents to form a theoretical foundation. Apply the three basic three R's; Renew, Reuse, and Recycle; the Four Pillars - Conservation, Harmony, Cooperation, and Balance; and Seven Strategies - Energy conservation, Passive solar heating and thermal mass, Water harvesting, Ventilation, Photovoltaic and wind generated electricity, Xeriscaping, and Natural lighting and shading.
Design a green buildings with Response to regional conditions of custom, culture, construction materials, the built and natural environment, and appropriate technology. Rooted in the traditions, characteristics, and necessities of the locality in which they are sited. Providing individual control of personal comfort within the indoor environment. Promoting user health and productivity. A testament to renewed commitment to stewardship of the planet for the benefit of all.

It is a two and half years degree course.

Aug 2008 - Dec 2011

Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal, BArch, Architecture

Architecture is the blend of art and science.Designing physical structures that shape the environment in which we live using creativity and practical understanding of structures and materials to develop concept, plans, specifications and detailed drawing of buildings. The department of architecture at KEC incorporated required courses to transform the students into knowledgeable professionals.The course completes within 5 year.

Jan 2000 - Sep 2005

Areas of Specialization 


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