Explain The Style

Explain The Style

Vail, CO, US



After living in a shit hole (Detroit) for 11 years I just want to be somewhere in the mountains. I gave up techno parties for Colorado. That was a hard thing to do. Skiing is the greatest feeling on earth. It's a lot better for your health an sanity than what I was doing in Motown. On a pair of skis, If you let your mind go lethargic for even a few seconds --- you just cracked your skull against a tree man! If the wind and snow start coming in hard I cinch my hood down head into the Zen forest where the silence among the fir trees takes over and the terrain guides me to a creek bed choked with boulders in a game of pin ball madness. I'm dumped out at the resort where the crew gathers and all speed toward the nearest lift. We make some easy vertical and enjoy a moment of luxury. After being dumped off near treeline the lineup heads out the gate and across football fields of snow, beyond the boundaries placed before us. I love the city - it's magnetism... but the city will also turn you into a couch potato! So I live in a resort town where architecture has been replaced with styles and marketing (Markitecture) and the job prospects have grown dull. The entire country was hurt by the real estate crash. The resorts out west were destroyed... too much luxury on loan. The architecture profession out here had it coming anyway. They weren’t really designing anything amazing – just a Mini-Me version of the Alps. 

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