Richard Dallas

Richard Dallas

Washington, DC, US



I consider myself disciplined and vocation-driven with a high performance work ethic. Personally committed to continuously improve myself- build new skills, expend talents, garner feedback. Proven to be a hard worker with rigor.



New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), BArch, Architecture

Completed 5 year Bachelor's of Architecture Professional Degree program

Designer- Dept. of Energy Solar Decathlon 2007 "Open House:" Implemented sustainable technologies and energy efficient architectural principles: passive design, photovoltaics, high performance materials, solar heating, natural lighting, environmental sensitivity.

Completed and presented/defended over 25 diverse design projects of varying complexity requiring innovative solutions, to include: community/urban planning, residential, commercial, and institutional design, concept development, programming, structural design, construction detailing, sustainability, landscape design.

Used Computer Assisted Design applications to generate digital 3D models, diagrams, drawings, laser cutting templates, graphic design layouts for over 25 design projects.

Conducted research and analysis involving archived historical documents, photographs, plans, drawings, and related materials to develop knowledge of a specific site, structure, or urban context.

Established general understanding of related fields of work: International building code, Structural, electrical and mechanical engineering, master planning, landscape architecture, interior design, and historical preservation.

Aug 2004 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization 

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