Abdelrahman Nasser

Abdelrahman Nasser

Bruxelles, BE




I'm from Belgium and planed to learn more in other country than belgium.

I actually think to do a complementary master in an American University, some are interesting but i need tips, advices everyhtings i need to learn the best there and from this country. Next i planed to do an internship... to say honestly both interest me so if i find one of them first i'll do it i think.

Now in my last master of Architecture at Faculty of Architecture of ULB (free univ of brussels), i'm a ex-Victor Horta institute student. Horta and lacambre school both came togheter to make Faculty of Architecture.


Free University of Brussels (ULB), Brussels, BE, Masters, Architecture

I wrote "Faculté d'architecture ULB ( free university of Brussels)" because our institute Horta and the other one La cambre get together to form the faculty of architecture in the university of Brussels.
Now i'm actually in my second Master, the last one.
The first semestre i was in Public relation otpion, we were working on public spaces and small scale, and i decided to change in the second semestre for antropology and architecture maybe, i don't know yet.

Sep 2010 - current

Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Intercommunal Victor Horta, Brussels, BE, Bachelors, Architecture

i'm actually graduated in Bachelor degree in Architecture at Victor Horta.
I've made landscape option in my first Master, this option was very philosophic and artistis. We were working on the Meuse, the biggest canal in belgium. It take its source in Netherland and finish in france, the city where we working on was Huy between Namur and Liege on the path of this canal. Our thema for the year was the water and "l'entre deux" litterally we can say "between both" "between border". Huy was separated by this canal so the question of it's identity trought this canal was potential.

Sep 2006 - Sep 2010

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