madhavi jandhyala

madhavi jandhyala

New York, NY, US



        For the past seven years as Principal of Z Axis Design Studio, I have been constantly evaluating and analyzing the accepted techniques and architectural practices in India and more specifically, Bangalore. This country demands its own typology for design to create unique answers for its link to both traditional and modern architecture. My mission at Z Axis was to create an environment for design as whole and open avenues to explore all its facets. All our projects involved intense research and analytical work to support design solutions. I have been successful in generating solutions for housing, large scale commercial developments and interior environments.
        At this point it has become vital for me to question the limits of my own education and experience. I am convinced that at present, in my career, I have to develop skills in Architectural Design and Building Technologies based on the developed context of advanced computing techniques. I also firmly believe that my experience architect in India over the past decade has provided me with invaluable opportunities for designing for a unique socio-political milieu.
I bring with me an education at Columbia University coupled with the pragmatic and often harsh realities of designing and running a firm in a third world country. I have the leadership skills needed to head any team, the ability to communicate with clients and colleagues, first-hand contracts and project administration skills and a very strong sense of responsibility that would reflect in the running of my own practice.
My long term goal is to merge my knowledge base with bold technological innovations and processes to realize refreshing new approaches to design, and in a diverse practice. I’m convinced that given a chance I will prove to be an asset to the firm.


Z Axis Design Studio, Founder, Prinicpal, Partner

Jan 2004 - May 2011


Columbia University, Advanced Architectural Design


Jun 2006 - May 2007


William Kinne Travel Fellowship,GSAPP, Columbia University, NY, Award

The School is the beneficiary of a considerable bequest from the late William Kinne that has as its purpose the enrichment of students' education through travel. Traditional procedures of disbursement include individual, noncompetitive grants for school sponsored travel for architecture, preservation, and planning students, and a limited number of competitive fellowships for two to three months of travel open to all graduating students in the School.

The GSAPP Committee on Fellowships and Awards decides each year how to disburse the annual interest of the William Kinne Fellows Trust, according to the following procedure: available funds are divided among the programs in the School, proportionate to the length of each program and the number of students enrolled.


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