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Jeremy Delgado

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2001 Architecture Course 

     Los Angeles Harbor Community College – Osamu A. Wakita, The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings & The Professional Practice of Architectural Detailing.

2006 Bachelor of Architecture 

     Woodbury University School of Architecture, Burbank California

2009 Advanced Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 2009

     Canadian Institute of English Dr. Harry Cotton.  This course was based on concepts of   neuroscience in order to teach languages.

2009 Medical Terminology 

     Canadian Institute of Education and Applied Neuroscience

2011 Landscape Futures Super-Workshop 

     Organized by Geoff Manaugh ( with Laura Allen of Smout Allen & The Bartlett School of Architecture, David Benjamin of The Living, David Gissen, Matthew Coolidge & Sarah Simons (Center for Land Use Interpretation), Christopher Hawthorne, Elizabeth Ellsworth & Jamie Kruse, Ed Keller, Liam Young, Alex Robinson, Emily White & Lisa Little, Nicola Twilley, Christian Chaudhari, Tim Maly, and the Arid Lands Institute.  The workshop consisted of a week of intensive workshops, discussions, site visits, design challenges, hikes, symposia, dinners, presentations, and critiques.





     Design, Architecture, Drafting, 3D modeling, Physical Modeling, Communications, & Writing.


     Adobe Creative Suite CS4,5,6 & Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), AutoCAD, 3DSMax with Vray, ArchiCAD internal render engine, Sketchup with podium, kerkythea, and Rhino. 




This section consists of employment and entrepreneurial business ventures I have cofounded/founded, partnerships, and sole-proprietorship.




Cofounder/Owner.  Drafting & design services.

2002 - 3 Week Volunteer

Kingdom Support Services, Brooklyn + Walkill New York.

Volunteer Construction – Concrete pours, installation of electrical systems, and demolition.



Partner. Exhibit Design & Rendering services.  Clients included: WestField Inc., Atlantic Inc., Walt Disney, Abex Display Systems, Olea Kiosks, Design Ranch Studios, Vertex productions, Method Home Products, Its Alive Co., The Cunningham group, and Aref & Associates.

2003 – 3 Month Volunteer 

Kingdom Support Services, Brooklyn + Walkill New York.

Volunteer Construction and Construction Consultation.  Concrete form work, pours of slabs, footings, and tilt up walls.

2004- 2010 


Partner/Owner. Drafting, design, rendering, and construction.

3 Months 2006

Heal the Bay

(Outside Services) Consultant, Design, workshops & proposal of parks.


Founder/Owner Friendly Office,, twitter @friendlyoffice.

Strategic Marketing Consultation, Writing, and Architecture. 

1.75 Year Volunteer 2007-2009

Regional Engineering Office – Texcoco, Mexico NON-PROFIT Organization

Designer/Plan-Check/Drafting/Renderings/Sustainable Design of large scale assembly halls, offices, manufacturing, and residences throughout Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean.

June 2012 – Present

Sparks Exhibits @

Exhibit Designer. Working design team with three senior designers. My responsibilities include 3D-Modeling, designing spaces, copy editing & some graphic design. We have worked for various clients and some retail projects including: Google, Motorola, Sega, Dropbox, Atmel, LG, Monster Cable, Pearl (by Georgina Chapman) -RETAIL, Keds -RETAIL, Rubbermaid, Sprint, Taylormade -RETAIL, Safilo -RETAIL, Salix -RETAIL, Solstice -RETAIL    





Latino Urban Forum & South Central Farmers

Design of Graphics & Website concepts for both organizations.


Geraci Addition (UN BUILT)

Design & Development of an addition to an existing garage.


1663 East 60th street

Renovation of a single family residence with peculiar siting conditions in South Central Los Angeles.


Heal The Bay

Consultant & Park Design + Park Design Workshops. + Promotions.


McDonald Self Storage Project (UN BUILT)

OfficeDELGADO & Gayton Design Studio in association with Square One Architects design & development of a self storage facility in Maywood CA constructed of shipping containers.


Branch Facility of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dominican Republic Planning design for expansion of warehouse, temporary emergency care center, work-shop, and parking facilities.


Assembly Hall, Chichigalpa, Nicaragua

Design & Passive cooling + lighting design for assembly hall.

2008 - 2009

Branch Facility of Jehovah’s Witnesses, El Salvador

Design consultation & presentations for renovation and expansion of translation & shipping facility.

2008 - 2009

Regional Engineering Office – Texcoco Mexico + Kingdom Support Services

In response to recent natural disasters, design consultation of shipping container based emergency response and temporary living quarters for victims of such events.

2008 - 2011

Intermittently Ongoing Canadian Institute of Education and Applied Neuroscience

Consultant with Dr. Harry Cotton, founder of The Canadian Institute of Education and Applied Neuroscience, to develop curriculum, identity, branding and course material of for A5, The Advanced Academy of Applied Alternative Architecture. This new school is directed at instructing the lay person, specifically in third-world rural areas but otherwise open to any applicant, in the construction of homes and community centers using low-tech ancient methods of building with the earth, dirt, in combination with cost effective new concepts and technology in structures, energy conservation and production, waste management, and water conservation. One aspect of this venture was the production of a set of sturdy simple info-graphic construction documents, without words, with the intent spreading this knowledge quickly and without the need to translate into local indigenous languages. The aforementioned goals in combination with Dr. Cottons specialized knowledge and methods of quickly teaching languages and complex ideas to lay-persons make A5 a unique and innovative institution.


Intermittently Ongoing Whitewater

Development of Raw Land in Whitewater California.

2009 - Present 

Arid Lands Institute – Communications & Strategy

Communications | management and director of social media accounts. Connecting A.L.I to influential writers in the design, architecture, urban design, and other creative & sciences. Production of exhibit at A+D Museum in Los Angeles CA. 


Drylands Design Conference Communications for Drylands Design conference live blogging of event across Twitter and Facebook (


Gallegos Residence

Code violation compliance, Design of addition in rear of house.


Mestizo Bakery

In association with Gayton Design Studios – design of a bakery/cafe in Silver Lake Los Angeles.


Drylands Design | Conference + Exhibit

Communications & production of Conference and Exhibit installation.


Press for Friendly Office

Urban Times xArchitects series | On-Line Article about my work


Friendly Office 

ARCH JRNL – A project of The Friendly Office, ARCH JRNL is a Tumblr blog about architecture and writing.


Freelance journalism. Gizmodo.

How a 1940s Gangster Film Foresaw the Surveillance Tech of Today. 1/28/2014.


Jeremy's School Blog on Archinect:

Arid Lands Institute : Critiques Pinups Lectures Events

Coverage of the critiques, pinups, lectures, and events hosted by the Arid Lands Institute. Its an inside look at the events you could not make it to and a peek at works in progress.

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Woodbury University, BArch, Architecture


Sep 2001 - May 2006

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