Andranik Ognayan

Andranik Ognayan

Los Angeles, CA, US

The Occupy Movement
The Occupy Movement

Re-design Intersection for Occupation

Task required to re-design the intersection of Brand Blvd. and Broadway street in Glendale, CA for occupy movements and pedestrians for convenient usage of their city. This allowed to study the elements of the urban environment as well as regulations and infrastructure that acted as blockades or were in need of change or elimination. The main design move was taking the infrastructure of Market Place, in the immediate vicinity of the intersection and re designing it so that there will be less congestion of people and traffic and more space for the occupiers to get their point and message across through organizations and gatherings and other public events. Two changes applied to that area was the opening of of alley ways through the market place, connecting it to existing alleyways and streets and redesigning small scale infrastructure for the better of its inhabitants and users. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Glendale, CA, US

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