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    Noam Saragosti Apr 12 '13 4

    Last Wednesday (Apr. 3rd, 2013) we celebrated our  Spring Interim exhibit. We have three exhibits annually, which showcase the "best" students' works from the previous quarter. Not only is Interim a great opportunity to showcase the work, but it is a chance for us to gather, reflect, and get inspired for the quarter to come.

    I have personally been involved in this year's exhibit because I currently hold the position of publicist for the AIAS. The AIAS literally organizes and curates the entire event. My main responsibility is to produce graphics and posters and to take photos at events. Designing the interim posters is one of the most fun responsibilities that comes with the publicist position, probably due to the magnitude of the event.

    Here are some of the photos I took that night:

    These two second year students, Aaron and Michael, are super talented.


    Composite project from Bob Alexander's first year studio.


    This is a second year project, which I believe to be a Noguchi museum in Little Tokyo.


    Silverlake Housing project by third year student Kate Bilyk, from Irma Ramirez's studio.


    Student work from Michael Fox's robotics studio.


    Tango studio by 4th year students Jennifer Chapman and Shawn Fuller, from Alexander Ortenberg's studio.


    Tango studio by 5th year students Leo Rodriguez and Stephanie Yoo, from Alexander Ortenberg's studio.


    Hollywood courthouse by 4th year student Yan Aung.


    Transit center and campus by 4th year students Juan Salazar and Noam Saragosti(hi), from Christoph Kapeller's studio.

    Automated parking and living units by 4th year students Juhee Park and Gloria Mah, from Christoph Kapeller's studio.


    MultiPak System by 5th year students James Gonzales and Martin Saet, from George Proctor's studio.


    Jared and Lior "holding it down?"


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