Nicky Chang

Nicky Chang

New York, NY, US


YMCA [Yale Museum of Contemporary Art]

Some of the most dynamic and relavent exhibitions of our time are not imprisoned in the anonymous white galleries, but are living in found spaces with rich history and personal memories. The new museum challenges the brief by preserving the existing buildings on site, because the site provides a sense of resistance and realty from which a stronger proposal can arrive. In order to house some of the largest sculptures such as Damien Hirst's Virgin Mother, large volumes must be introduced and new circulation must be carved. After a ring of new gallery spaces are grafted, the museum interior becomes a transmogrification between rich memories of domestic space and the monolithic white spaces. It is between the strange and the familiar that the new museum finds its new ground.

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Status: School Project
Location: New Haven, CT, US
My Role: individual project.
Additional Credits: studio critic: Peter deBretteville


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