Nicky Chang

Nicky Chang

New York, NY, US


Suzhou Creek Observation Tower

It is part of the Chinese literati tradition to experience and understand the Chinese landscape in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. The horizontal experience emphasizes the picturesque exploration, the mystery and discovery, 'the cinematic' from within the landscape; the vertical experience usually involves climbing a tower or hiking to the top of a mountain which reveals the sublime, 'the panoramic' from above. The 4.5 kilometer long linear park located to the south bank of Suzhou Creek combines both experience by completely redesigning the landscape and introducing an elevated walkway that is accessible from a series of ramps. The walkway terminates at a seven story observation tower, which house a cafe at the ground level and a panoramic view of the river at the top. 

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, China
My Role: responsible for SD, DD and Construction Documents
Additional Credits: project architect: Huang Lei
project mentor: James Brearley


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