Nicky Chang

Nicky Chang

New York, NY, US


Shanghai Ramp Restaurant

Jinqiao Ramp Restaurant [completed]
Pudong, Shanghai. The post-industrial landscape
imagines a new future without automobiles. A
vertical car park has recently been converted to
a boutique hotel, leaving the car ramp redundant.
Working with the existing context, the new
restaurant finds its spacial identity from this
abandoned concrete car ramp built in the
early 90s. The project is situated opposite a
planned exhibition centre and adjacent to an
industrial compound undergoing gentrification
as a creative industry site. The proposal converts
the ramp into a restaurant-bar-café but keeps
the cars circulating down the ramp under the
restaurant to a basement car park. In order to
keep the ramp pure and open, a new detached
building is designed to house the kitchen and
service. A café is designed for the ground floor
of the new building

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Status: Built


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