nicholas venezia

nicholas venezia

Jersey City, NJ, US


MCC Student Center Proposal

These images were created for an RFP response for a new student center at Middlesex County College. Our approach was to physically connect the building to the landscape, and open up to the campus' ecological preserve, encouraging the entire community to use the site rather than just those associated with the interior of the building. Given the site's prominent position at the entrance of the school, visible from the busy highway, the environmental graphics were integrated with the proposal to create opportunities for the school's branding. The renderings were based off of a Sketchup model, then layered with hand media and Photoshopped. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Middlesex, NJ, US
My Role: Visualization artist, design team, writing and layout.
Additional Credits: Kevin Dunn, Erica Lai, Jeff Venezia, AIA.


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