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EyeTime 2013 Competition Finalists

Emerging Talent: Architecture Colour by Edward Neumann. Emerging Talent: Traveler by Eugen Brodner. Emerging Talent: Firewalls by Gerald Haselwanter. Emerging Talent: Fade to Black by Liam Dickson. Emerging Talent: Wall Texture by Pablo Vidiella. Emerging Talent: Architectural Steps by Raluca Barsan. Emerging Talent: Urban Machine by Stanley Formo. Emerging Talent: Reflection Refraction by Toshiki Hirano. Future Voices: Construct Yourself Accordingly by Elizabeth Cavenett. Future Voices: Heartland by Erik Johnson Future Voices: Abandoned Street Photography by Joseph Schaefer Future Voices: For Sale by Kara Krause Future Voices: Source of Life by Kat Woldemarovna. Future Voices: Life after Retirement by Michael Santiago Future Voices: Land and Sea by Natalie Amenula Future Voices: life in the light, the light of life by Surawate Uasiripant.

Emerging Talent: Traveler by Eugen Brodner.

Emerging Talent: Traveler by Eugen Brodner.

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