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Ten Top Images on Archinect's "Student Work" Pinterest Board

Air Ops: A Retroactive Platform for Energy Exchange (Recipient of the 2013 James Templeton Kelley Prize for Best M.Arch I Thesis at Harvard Graduate School of Design) by James Leng Architectural Association, London - Elastic Cloud by Kukan Architects Aikido Tower by Ibrahim Rajah M1 Textile Hybrid by students of the University of Stuttgart Love Hotel by Henry Stephens Pratt GAUD Exhibition 2013 by Pratt Institute students with SOFTlab; Photo: Alan Tansey Folded View by Amrou Said SF Emerging Art Foundation by Jarrod Ray Caranto in collaboration with Shahe Gregorian EXPO by Ishaan Kumar Towards a New Agriculture - A Modern Interpretation of Farmitecture by Candice Alinovich

Aikido Tower by Ibrahim Rajah

Aikido Tower by Ibrahim Rajah

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