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Ten Top Images on Archinect's "Student Work" Pinterest Board

superNODE by Tyler Hopf in collaboration with Alex Dorn Asemic Forest - Westbahnhof Train Station, Vienna by Shahira Hammad Around the Wormhole by Al Ataide in collaboration with Mehrzad Raffei, Somayye Ramezani, Peter Vikar Work samples by Carmen Garcia Santiago Fiberglass Rope Chair by Joseph Piorkowski Field Conditions 2030 | Tall Urban Density by Razvan Ghilic Micu A Political Party House by Dhara Patel 40 Rector Tower Library by LaSalle Tippens in collaboration with Anastasija Gridneva Re:Source Albany by Stephen Scribner Harbour Bath(e) by Grant Bates

Harbour Bath(e) by Grant Bates

Harbour Bath(e) by Grant Bates

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