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The Ideology of Publication / Conversation with Bernd Upmeyer

call for submissions for Beautiful Urbanism in 2006. Poster © MONU Godzilla versus the City in the call for submissions for MONU #05 Brutal Urbanism: Violence and Upheaval in the City. Poster © MONU Fat Provocation: MONU calls for contributions of its 7th issue presenting the obliterating contrast of a sumo wrestler against a kid. The issue was released during the summer of 2007. Urbanism has never before been so heavy. Poster © MONU Ladies in revealing clothes invite to discuss Border Urbanism in the 8th issue of MONU. Poster © MONU Mr. Clean features in the call for submissions poster for MONU #11, Summer 2009. © MONU Flying carpets and exotic urbanism. Call for submissions for MONU #09 Poster © MONU Cover Monu No. 15 2011 Spread of the WAIzine Featuring all of MONU’s previous covers.

Cover Monu No. 15 2011

Cover Monu No. 15 2011 "Post-Ideological Urbanism" © MONU

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