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Editor's Picks #274

Color - Communication in Architectural Space by Gerhard Meerwein, Frank H. Mahnke, Bettina Rodeck “Bonghwa Village Graveyard,” the burial ground of late President Roh Moo-hyun, by Seung Hyo-Sang. survey results via The Architects Journal. Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd - A water taxi journey around the Giardini, returning back to the Australian Pavilion via a zip line. Image © Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd Healthabitat - A touring team consulting local Venetians about ways to improve their homes, educating about the connections between housing design and health issues. Image © Healthabitat. Wight-designed Ann Reid ECC in Naperville, Ill. SIAC- 1_2 scale model via Wei Yi Tseng Austin, TX office of Wiss, Janey, Elstner Associates Aerial view of Sant Antoni temporary market location, by Ravetllat-Ribas Arquitectura Love and Crime. Basta! via AA Visiting School via amlocke The Architecture Alphabet via 99% Invisible

survey results via The Architects Journal.

survey results via The Architects' Journal.