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ADEPTs Dalarna University Library officially opened

Exterior_night_photo Kåre Viemose Books and meadia in connected spatial layers_photo Kåre Viemose Books and media at terraced levels_photo Kåre Viemose Connected study spaces_photo Kåre Viemose Exterior_gradient of the steel lamellaes_Foto Kåre Viemose Exterior_overalll facade_photo Kåre Viemose Exterior_triangular facade profiles_photo Kåre Viemose Exterior_the double facade_photo Kåre Viemose Multi-functional stair for lectures and events_photo Wilhelm Rejnus & Linus Flodin Simple and functional solutions by the stairs_phto Wilhelm Rejnus & Linus Flodin Simple wayfinding and media information_photo Kåre Viemose The arena_Floor_photo Wilhelm Rejnus & Linus Flodin The arena_Individual study spaces_photo Kåre Viemose The arena_multi-functional stair_photo Wilhelm Rejnus & Linus Flodin The arena_open study spaces_photo Wilhelm Rejnus & Linus Flodin The arena_Spatial layers_photo Wilhelm Rejnus & Linus Flodin Winter reflections_photo Kåre Viemose

Exterior_night_photo Kåre Viemose

Exterior_night_photo Kåre Viemose

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