Mahsa Vanaki Studio

Mahsa Vanaki Studio

Berkeley, CA


Portable translucent wall

This is our latest installation, a collaboration between myself Mahsa Vanaki and Romy Randev.

The installation is a portable, free-standing partition wall. The geometry is made of laser cut minimum surfaces developed in Grasshopper and Weaver-bird. The curvature surfaces attach to a portable structure.

We were hired to design a set of futuristic looking, LED embedded partitions for an exhibition in SXSW this March. We had to design a system that could be shipped, assembled and disassembled for one night event in Austin.

The exhibition was  an additional event to a sci-fi movie premiere, featuring robots, 3d printers, etc. We had already designed and built one partition when the movie producers decided not to premiere their movie at SXSW this year. Our project got cancelled, however, we still photographed it in a natural setting with sunlight instead of LED lighting.

The design concept for the dividers was to imply flow in space by dynamic forms and create visibility to the other side to cause curiosity and interaction between the exhibition zones.

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Status: Built
Location: Free standing- Portable
My Role: Designer, Fabricator
Additional Credits: Romy Randev: design team+ Photography