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Nyokki House

The grid home has traditionally been explored via 2-dimensional plans & studies. Our approach starts with the 2 dimensional grid and grows it into a dynamic 3 dimensional form reflecting its physical and implied contiguous relationships.

Simply and thoughtfully, this 1,500 sq. ft. project examines grid geometry at several scales and relationships. The basic 9 meter grid is split in thirds, rotated 30 degrees and stacked 9 meters tall to create our basic volume. The mass is then further refined by dividing each cube into thirds and rotating each datum 5 degrees resulting in a spiraling escalation of 1 meter cubes. While simple in concept, this split and rotation provides a variety of conditions which physically and spatially bind the volume to its site and internal components.


Because of the simplicity of form, it was important that each move address multiple conditions of both the building’s interior and the site. Positioned near the corner of its respective 18 meter square of land, each home subtly reveals itself to the center of the site, establishing an open relationship to its neighbors. The concrete exterior maintains solidarity and provides privacy to the home and site. At the same time the 30 degree split creates an internal courtyard, exposing the delicate glass lined interior in a private, protected way. The 5 degree rotation creates residual slivers which allow the facades to become the active garden rather than through the traditional method of removing space from within the house. This effect softens the materiality while integrating the house into the landscape and site.

It was important that with such a simple form, that the house be clever in its use of scale. Stacking 1 meter cubes on a 5 degree rotation allows for such a play. The home appears at once, larger than it is, yet still relates to human scale and its site. Tall grasses again play with this sense of scale and give the illusion that the house has grown from the site as opposed to have been built on it.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Tokyo, Japan
My Role: Design Architect


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