Moto Designshop Inc.

Moto Designshop Inc.

Philadelphia, PA


Mascher Street Penthouse

This 2,200 sq. ft. interior renovation project illustrates a high level of refinement in minimalist space, and represents the first phase of this apartment renovation. Phase 2 will encompass a roof-top expansion of new living and entertaining space. Faced with windows on three sides, the apartment is flooded with natural light and views of the city skyline. The design concept called for a limited palate of clean, defined materials to emphasize the open plan. Custom cabinetry and closet systems from Italy and Poland classically accent the space. In the master bath, the subtle textures of various tiles & stones compliment the glass to create a space that is warm and pleasant yet clean.

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Status: Built
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
My Role: Design Architect


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