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34 at Grand Hyatt Istanbul
34 at Grand Hyatt Istanbul
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34 at Grand Hyatt Istanbul - Restaurant

The large restaurant space in this luxury hotel has five open kitchen areas, each one specializing on a different type of food or cooking technique, surrounded by a unique seating area. The design elements created by GKV Architects are inspired in traditional Islamic architecture and decorative arts, and placed in a contemporary environment. The lighting design took into consideration the subtleties of the design elements to highlight them creating special moments throughout the space, for example grazing with light the laser cut wood panels cladding the columns, or bringing up to life and casting shadows from the beautiful floating translucent panels that create almost a filigree ceiling in one of the seating areas.

One of the challenges of the design was to function well for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night drinks. An integrated lighting control system was put in place to control the light levels and create various scenes during the different times of the day in response to daylight and also the function. These lighting settings create the right mood for each occasion, from business lunch to romantic dinner.

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Status: Built
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
My Role: Lighting Design
Additional Credits: GKV Architects, PC - Interior Design -
Photography by Jesse Ross ©2012 -

34 at Grand Hyatt Istanbul
34 at Grand Hyatt Istanbul

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