Mithila Poojari

Mithila Poojari

New York, NY, US


Virtual Inter-Polarity

Virtual Interpolarity is an outcome of five minds and professor Christopher Whitelaw,  working together to try to push the boundaries of digitally pre- fabricated multi-usage exhibit structures.  These structures are pre-fabricated using advanced digital software like rhino3d, grasshopper and Rhino cam.

Virtual Interpolarity, as its name suggests is an interpolation of three surfaces first generated digitally and then fabricated from material Birch wood. The relationship of the physical interpolated surfaces with its surrounding is recorded and is virtually mapped on the interpolated surfaces. This not only enhances the aesthetic beauty or the 'sexiness' of the structure but also helps one understand all the three dimensions of  it.  Individual surfaces are made of ribs and manufactured in the Pratt Fabrication Lab and the wood workshop is where the pre fab ribs are sanded and prepared for assembly.  This entire assembly requires a careful and a very meticulous numbering system and is assembled by "interpolating" every corresponding rib from each of the three surfaces. One rule set for this project was not to use any screws, nails or drilling. The systems allowed to create this structure were interlocking notches and gluing. The sheer weight of the wood, once we started assembling the structure, was a huge challenge, but three interlocking surfaces were designed to eventually take the weight of the structure.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Creator
Additional Credits: Professor Christopher Whitelaw, Pratt Institute


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