Architect and Friends I Michael Atzenhofer I Architect

Architect and Friends I Michael Atzenhofer I Architect

Grado, IT


Hello America, we are Architect and Friends.

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Hello California
Hello California

Graduated in Austria and celebrating our 10th year living and working in Italy time has come to expand. Adoring contemporary American architecture and design, Architect and Friends, as a full service architectural firm of creative architects, designers and craftsmen wants to bring together what belongs together in a whole new way: Combining today‘s Italian and American architecture, design and craftsmenship, indoor and outdoor. 

Together we can do it all:

  • Access to today‘s creative and vibrant Italian market
  • Architecture, design proposals and ideas directly from Italy
  • Communication advantage of speaking Italian, German and English
  • Italian and American craftsmenship hand in hand by exchanging our international flexible team to the U.S. and yours to Italy
  • Tailor-made projects for American and Italian clients
  • On-site project representation in Italy and America

By working together we can offer our experience and access to the very best and latest design, materials and workmanship Italy has to offer.

If you are currently working on a project in Italy or have clients who are interested in investing here don‘t hesitate to contact us. We would love to create and develop long-lasting working relationships as your on-site Italian architectural experts. 

Therefore we are looking to collaborate with you, whether an interested registered architect or architectural practice in the U.S. to create international partnerships and offer the best of both continents to your and our clients. Please feel free to say „Hello“:

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