melissa perkinson

melissa perkinson

San Francisco, CA, US


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I am a Master’s of Architecture candidate at California College of the Arts (CCA) pursuing a lifestyle in art, architecture and design, with my long term goal of eventual licensure. My specific interest lies in urban intervention strategies while my experience to date has been both broadly in environmental design and acutely in the healthcare construction industry.

At CCA, I’ve expanded my experience in design media, history & theory, building technologies and urban landscape explorations.  Most recently, my specific interest focuses at a smaller scale, exploring ornamental systems and logics of performance driven design, through rapid prototyping.

Prior to CCA, I served as a Project Engineer for Control Air North, an HVAC contracting company located in the Bay Area. At Control Air North I worked at three satellite offices specializing in healthcare construction. In addition to daily onsite problem solving, I served as a team leader; evaluating and negotiating change orders. My position required organization, efficiency, the ability to multi-task and effective communication skills in order to run deliver results and be successful in the project team. Given this experience, I am confident I would make an excellent addition to your design team. 

My success at Control Air North is testimony to the solid foundation laid by my education at the University of Colorado, Boulder where I earned a degree in Environmental Design, with an emphasis in Architecture. My studies focused on theoretical perspectives and provided a strong background for my architectural comprehension. During this time, I was accepted into a program supported by Habitat for Humanity to travel to New Orleans to contribute to the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina. Once there, we worked to historically preserve and restore Ms. Evelyn’s 19th century Victorian; a home which she had yet to return to. Despite extreme destruction, there was an underlying sense of community and ethic that sustained the lives of the locals. This ethic had a profound impact on my direction and passion, enhancing my desire to pursue post-disaster housing strategies through sustainable architectural design.


control air north, Hayward, CA, US, Project Engineer

-Administer weekly production reports and deliver project status updates to management team, in order to discover more efficient ways of operating with increased productivity and reduced cost.
-Liaison for subcontractors and vendors to general contractor to trace, escalate and resolve critical issues, minimizing project risk.
-Lead evaluator for project change orders, managing and interpreting all technical drawings to identify changes and recover revenue. Grossing over $7M to date.
-Manage, assess and generate RFI’s collaboratively with the Building Integrative Modeling (BIM) team and field members to address and resolve conflicts.

Jun 2011 - Aug 2013


California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA, US, MArch, Architecture

CCA’s Master of Architecture Program is a professional degree program that emphasizes innovation and experimentation in architectural design. Through a focus on advanced digital technologies and material systems, design research and urban agency, CCA strives to develop the next generation of designers who will shape our future built environments.

Aug 2013 - current

University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, US, Environmental Design

Aug 2007 - May 2011


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