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The centre of Hässleholm

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Hässleholm is prospering due to strong regional connections,increased commuting and positive employment statistics.  This growth has resulted in an increase of people in the city that has put new demands on the importance of public space in the city. The assignment was to utilize this energy in the redesign of the city main square and pedestrian street to create a vivid city centre in Hässleholm.

The physical expression of the city centre is a result of changes and adjustments that have taken place during several years. It’s a composition of many elements, ground materials and furniture with many of the spaces on Första Avenyen are static and lack the flexibility to be used for multiple events.

Our proposal has four primary principles that, when combined, creates a durable cityscape. “Självklart i Hässleholm” enhances the city’s central, spatial characteristics through emphasizing the axial properties of Första Avenyen and Stortorget’s assembling identity.

The commonly owned floor brings the different parts of the city centre together. It creates high accessibility for everyone regardless of season and offers in-level transitions between inside and outside. A unified use of ground materials contribute to a robust floor especially suitable for activities. On the sunny side of Första Avenyen and Stortorget a ribbon of spaces in different levels are created.

In our proposal, we reorganize the outdoor cafes, vegetative surroundings, sculptures, and create an open storm water systems to create a variety of experiences. These interventions create microclimates and atmospheres that prolong and enrich the stay along Första Avenyen and Stortorget. This flexible principle also gives citizens an opportunity to participate in the design process. The strategy also allows for shop owners and residents to help improve the surroundings through investing in objects such as lighting, market halls, furniture and elements containing water.

Hässleholm has a geographical advantage of being located in the borderlands between the thick pine forests of Småland and the mild beech forests of Skåne. The differences in these biotopes have inspired us in the search for a suitable strategy regarding vegetation on site. The wild parts of the design  reside by the church and is gradually changed into a more tame, polished expression down by the station area.


Our ambition falls upon creating a vibrant city centre during all parts of the year, that will work for everyone, regardless the occasion. The activities of the cultural house and other events get an outdoor forum to use. The variation in size of events creates an attractive city centre and attracts the inhabitants of Hässleholm. On the big open space of Stortorget, you’ll find opportunities for carnivals, markets, activities within music and art that helps pump life through the city centre.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hässleholm, SE
My Role: Design
Additional Credits: SLA, Copenhagen, Denmark,


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