Madeleine Howe

Madeleine Howe

New York, NY, US


Stanley Shropshire Stahl

The law firm Stanley Shropshire Stahl is an intellectual property rights firm with a dual focus on music artist contracts and grant work looking to design their downtown Athens offices.

The look of the firm exuded a youthful forward thinking vibe. By using many existing materials and finishes I was able to include a large sculptural element around the main conference room. The form of the sculpture was inspired by Ron Ahrad design of the Architecture Museum in Israel. The piece sweeps around the space like a shell encompassing the space. This is a metaphor for the firm encompassing the needs of the clients in new and unexpected ways.

The project was completed using Revitt and Google Sketchup for the building of the model. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Athens, GA, US


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