Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg

Los Angeles, CA, US


Casa Roll

The Casa Roll or Roll House is a study in architectural history spanning two ideological archetypes; that of the infamous Glass House and it's relationship to the A-Frame structure. It looks at the transition periods between those two models for moments where physical, environmental, and affected shifts take place. It is these two architectural icons that offer moments of serene light while while the house orientation towards the South offers opportunity for a natural heating and cooling thermal mass wall that extends the length of the house.
The entrance of the house takes the simple profile of the A-Frame and carries it through to the seemingly effortless floating moment of the glass box. The transition carries the patron through various private and public spaces of the house dipping and rolling through the terraced interior until they reach a climax in the seemingly weightless glass box hanging over the extended infinite pool. The hanging climax carries panoramic views from the mountains, through the entire LA basin, all the way towards the ocean.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Hollywood Hills, CA, US


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