Lu Liu

Lu Liu

Philadelphia, PA, US

Site Plan
Site Plan

Edge Island

There is few natural conditions like the coastal edge that force awareness of our environment. The moment of transition from land to wateroffers an immediate opportunity forus to question what is, what was and what could be. No where is this experience more invigorating than an island-- a place entirely defined by edge. 


Prompted with the task to plan a completely man-made island, Edge Island seeks to redefine the experience of the edge condition. However, rather than define this new edge autonomously, Edge Island seeks to have a direct relationship to both Haikou and mainland China. These two regions cradle the site as the land masses that define the Hainan Strait. The coordinates of Edge Island are nearer in proximity to Haikou, but there are multiple existing modes of transit across this strait making this location highly accessible from either land mass. Though most of the existing transit is sea faring, China is planning an 18 mile long bridge to connect the edges. We propose that our island link into this system so that the bridge can connect mainland China to Edge Island and then to the Haikou.


The result of this linkage is a highly accessible island that celebrates the edge through an array of recreational, commercial and cultural edge programming. This ring of activity follows 14 miles of highly articulated and varied edge equipped with multiple landscapes and water spaces. This programmable region totals 456 acres and acts as a counter to the 186 acres of void landscape. Void of program and maintenance, the islandís interior proposes a new type of national park-- one created by humanity.


Together this variable edge and void landscape generate a destination experience that cannot be found in nature and yet also cannot be found in the urban context. It is a composite experience of extremes. On Edge Island you can get lost or you can be found. It can feel like a paradise or a battlefield. It is a place for getting a way and a place for passing through. Somehow it is for everyone, but only belongs to itself.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hainan, CN
My Role: Design, Modeling, Drawing
Additional Credits: Mingyue Hu, Katie McBride

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