Luis Ausín

Luis Ausín

Bilbao, ES


High Speed Train Station (Astigarraga, Spain)

These project is a feasibility study for a train station in Astigarraga. It consist of a switch junction for various routes: the high-speed line arriving from the south that forks towards France and secondly the suburban trains which connect to the surrounding region for those arriving on the high-speed train.

The “station” proposal mimics the undulating topography on which it sits. The suburban trains arrive on the lowest level of the three-level station, which is anchored to the ground in a close relationship with the landscape.. The top level, on which the high-speed railway is situated, a sequence of large floating metal rings wrap the track and train in a formal dialogue with the topography.

The frontal view of the piece is characterized by the profile of the rings. The different velocities are reflected in the volume and space of the edifice and its internal organization.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Astigarraga, ES
My Role: Project Architect

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